Saya is a character and supporting heroine from the videogame series BlazBlue, She is the lost sister of Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi, Whom was kidnapped by Yuki Terumi as a vessel/host body, Until she was saved by Noel and Ragna.


As a Kid, Saya used a long blue dress with a white collar, She also sported green eye and blonde hair.

After being possesed by Izanami, She now has Royal purple hair and a dress reminescent of a miko.

However after the last fragment of her was saved by noel, she now has her apperanceas well.


Saya is known for her kind and strong disposition towards her siblings, During a time when ragna was sick, She was always caring him and Jin, Even after being taken and used by Izanami and Terumi, The part existing of saya beneath Izanami always struggle for control, To the point of even the Imperator once said that is Saya feeling been more stronger than her hatred towards the world.

She also disliked terumi for how she destroyed her life and the ones of her brothers, At the end of Central Fiction her soul was finally saving when Noel, Ragna and Mu-12 helped to defeat Izanami.

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