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I hope I don't get sand in my shoes.
~ Scarlet before Team SSSN's fight with Team NDGO

Scarlet David is a minor hero in the animated web series RWBY. He is a member of Team SSSN along with Sun Wukong, Sage Ayana, and Neptune Vasilias.


Scarlet appears as a teenage with light skin, green eyes with a black tattoo of sorts under his visible left eye while his right one is covered by his scarlet hair. He wears a white sleeveless shirt with a red coat with white and gold accents, light grey jeans with a black belt with gold buckle, with another grey belt with a white buckle and what appears to be bullets as well as dark brownish grey boots.


Volume 2

Scarlet is first mentioned by Sun in the episode "Best Day ever" when he tells Neptune that Blake Belladonna is a fanus and that it's a secret telling him it's not a "I'm going to go tell Scarlet the minute Sun turns his back secret".

Scarlet makes his first physical appearance in "Extracurricular" standing with the rest of Team SSSN outside of Beacon

Volume 3

Scarlet along with the rest of team SSSN fight in the Vytal festival against Team NDGO Scarlet is defeated when Dew reflects a pair of coconuts that Sun threw at her back at him, while Sun is able to doge them Scarlet gets hit by one in the face and the other hits him in the groin eliminating him from the match.

Scarlet along with the other students fight in the Battle of Beacon against Grimm, White Fang troops, and Atlesian machines infected with the Black Queen Virus.

RWBY: Before The Dawn



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