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The Scarlet Queen is one of the supporting characters in the critically panned Christian allegorical film Strawinsky and the Mysterious House.

Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

Not much is known about the Scarlet Queen other than she is a representative of the Great Elohim, the god over the Strawinsky and the Mysterious House universe. The Scarlet Queen is first mentioned by a Scottish troll who informs Strawinsky and his friends that he was given an important task by the Scarlet Queen but he ended up not being able to fulfill it, so he places himself into self-exile out of fear of the divine retribution the Scarlet Queen would dish out upon him. The Globgogabgalab was also a denizen of the magical house because he was once an elf that was lovingly made by the Great Elohim until he was led astray by the Rat King who corrupts him into becoming addicted to the books in the basement. As a result of his temptation, the Globgogabgalab became an overweight blob of his former self. Much like the troll, the Globgogabalab feels that he is beyond forgiveness and hides himself away from his perceived fear of the Scarlet Queen being wrathful towards him.

When Strawinsky's friends become corrupted by the books the Rat King created, Strawinsky begins to cry out for the Scarlet Queen for her assistance. The Scarlet Queen arrives, and she is able to free Strawinsky's friends from the hold that the books have over them. The books then transform into rats before leaving into the underworld with their ruler. Globgogabgalab asks the Scarlet Queen for forgiveness which she grants. She then takes the anthropomorphic cello from earlier in the film with her into a heavenly realm.


The Scarlet Queen is said to be understanding and flawless judging by Strawinsky's remarks about her. The Scarlet Queen is forgiving as she readily forgives the Globgogabgalab when he begged her for repentance. She also is presented as being very wise. In short, the Scarlet Queen is not-so-subtly a fantasy world representation of Jesus being without any sin and being an agent of the film's interpretation of God.


  • Despite the Scarlet Queen being presented as a Christ figure, ironically "scarlet" is associated with sin in the Bible.