Scat Cat
Scat Cat is a character in the Disney film The Aristocats.  He is a jazz musician and friend of Thomas O'Malley, and allows O'Malley, Duchess, and her kittens to spend the night at his place.  Later in the film, he and his gang of alley cats help save Duchess and the kittens from being mailed to Timbuktu.  At the end of the movie, they are all adopted by Duchess' kind owner as the start of a home she hopes to create for Paris' alley cats.

He is voiced by legendary jazz player Scatman Crothers.


The Aristocats

One night, Thomas O'Malley brings Duchess and her three tired kittens to his penthouse, where he takes them all in with care and gives them a place to sleep. Jazz music can be heard from inside, and Scat Cat and his Alley cats are introduced. While playing their instruments, Scat Cat and the gang all sing "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat." O'Malley and Duchess join in the fun, as do Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse. During the song, O'Malley and Duchess perform a dance number, and Duchess sings a wonderful solo while playing the harp; which Scat Cat and the gang find so beautiful, soft, lovely, and romantic until they get back to playing their instruments (with the help of Scat Cat's trumpeting) and make their way out of the penthouse along with other alley cats.

Later, Scat Cat and the gang, upon being informed by O'Malley via Roquefort (the latter of whom nearly got killed by them due to getting the name wrong), come to rescue Duchess and her kittens from Edgar, a greedy butler who is "catnapping" the cats so as to inherit a great fortune. As Scat Cat and the alley cats rush to save Duchess and her kittens, they were also witnessed by a Frenchman about to drink wine. He saw cats seemingly being chased by a mouse (Roquefort), causing the Frenchman to pour his wine onto the ground, implying that he's deeply considering to give up drinking alcohol. After Scat Cat and the gang defeat Edgar, Scat Cat along with the other alley cats get adopted by Madame Bonfamille at the end of the movie.



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