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Schneewittchen (Princess Snow White) is one of the seven girls from the album, Märchen, who is assisted by Märchen von Friedhof to take her revenge upon her stepmother, who is the cause of her death. Her vocals and dialogue were provided by Tomoyo Kurosawa.


As in the original fairy tale, Schneewittchen possesses skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony, and lips as red as blood. She is described to be the most beautiful girl in the world, with her beauty surpassing even that of her stepmother's while Schneewittchen is still fairly young.

Schneewittchen wears a girlish dress, mainly white and blue with frills and ruffles and red ribbons for accents. She also wears striped stockings and red shoes, and is in constant possession of a golden crown with several crosses encircling the top. After death, she is often shown to be wearing a black and red mask akin to that of the other actresses, save for the scorpion insignia symbolizing envy.


She is one of the seven actresses that first appear in Yoiyami no Uta to later sing of their grudge and have their revenge tragedies carried out. Her song is the third to appear, under the sin of Neid or Envy.

Garasu no Hitsugi de Nemuru Himegimi

The story generally follows the original Grimms' version, which starts off with recollections of the princess Schneewittchen's birth to her mother's death, and her stepmother's cold treatment as she grows up. Upon being told by the mirror that her stepdaughter has now surpassed her in beauty, the Queen sends the hunter to kill Schneewittchen. The princess, however, manages to escape with her life upon promising never to return to the castle, and seeks refuge in a small house that turns out to belong to seven dwarves.

She is allowed to stay in their home and survives a number of attempts on her life by her stepmother. However, the last plot involves a red apple that Schneewittchen cannot resist, and the princess dies after a bite. Schneewittchen's corpse is placed in a glass coffin where Märchen von Friedhof begins her revenge tragedy. The blue prince arrives and finds Schneewittchen to be his ideal bride, but his attendants manage to accidentally revive her while carrying the coffin back with them. Schneewittchen carries out her revenge at her own wedding, where her stepmother is forced to wear burning shoes and dance until her death.