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~ Rocky

Schoolhouse Rocky is the main (yet minor) character of the Schoolhouse Rock song series. He is essentially the host of the program.


Rocky is an orange haired boy who has muscles like a superhero. Despite being the main character, he only appears in the diner scenes and not in the series itself. He has the body of a stereotypical superhero, being very muscular. His best friend and assistant is the girl from the song, "A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing". In the intro, he starts off as a skinny young boy, but in the next verse, he transforms into his more muscular self.


Despite being the host of the show, Rocky plays a minor role overall.

After the intro theme song ends, Rocky always travels to the Conjunction Junction Diner alongside many of the show's characters and proceeds to ask the Conductor "what's on the menu", to which the latter will respond with the subject of the songs within the episode's run (e.g. Grammar, Math, Science, etc.).

Afterwards, he is not seen again for the rest of the show.


  • Although he's the title character, Rocky's role in the series is small, as he only appears in the intro segment.


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