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For this character's classic counterpart, see Scoop (Bob the Builder).

Scoop is a yellow backhoe loader and the leader of Bob's Can-do Crew machines. He is based on the same character in the 1999 television series. He is voiced by Blake Harrison.


Whilst in the original series, he was actually the leader of the machine team and his personality was similar to Bob's in a way, occasionally saying "Can we build it?" or "Can we fix it?". In the 2015 series, he is the unofficial team leader, causing him to no longer say "Can we build it?" or "Can we fix it?" and has a younger personality and is a dreamer and his ideas get him in trouble. He is also less mature, is rather careless and clumsy, which makes things worse for the Can-Do Crew.

He typically tends to get over-excited whenever he is in charge of a job and is prone to mess it up when he does so, either unintentionally or on purpose.

He also has a fear of fish in the 2015 series.


Scoop is yellow with black cab supports and an orange roof-mounted beacon. He has a grey exhaust pipe coming out of his perspective left side of his hood. He has large black tires on the rear and smaller ones on the front. He is also based on a JCB 3CX. A few notable changes from his original design includes his grill mouth being replaced with just a regular one, as well as him having doors on the side.


  • Scoop has a picture of Ace on the wall of his shed.