Scorn is a supporting character of Transformers: Age of Extinction. He is a Dinobot who transforms into a Spinosaurus and was part of the Legendnary Knights even though he was one of Lockdown's prisoner who was going to deliver him, Grimlock, Strafe, and Slug to the Creators he allied with the Autobots and helped Optimus Prime and the Autobots defeat the KSI Decepticon transformers in Hong Kong.


Scorn doesn't have much of a built personality, but he does seem to obey whichever Autobot demands to be leader of him, be it Grimlock or Crosshairs.


Age of Extinction (2014)

Scorn was trapped aboard Lockdown's vessel until Optimus Prime and the Autobots stole the section of the ship he was imprisoned on, though Optimus did not reveal the Dinobots' presence to his men until the time came for reinforcements. Optimus offered an ultimatum: stand with the Autobots against their mysterious Creators and Galvatron's Decepticons, or face death at his hands. Grimlock submitted to his command when beaten in single combat by the Autobot leader, there by earning his respect, and Scorn and the other Dinobots followed suit. Scorn allowed Crosshairs to ride him into the Hong Kong battle, where Scorn's massive size and lethal sail-spikes proved a great asset in turning the tide. Scorn accompanied the group to try to escort the Seed to safety, but Lockdown returned and turned his tractor beam on them. Scorn would've been recaptured by the bounty hunter had Optimus not destroyed the tractor beam. Scorn helped defend the Seed on a bridge with the other Autobots and Dinobots until Optimus was able to defeat Lockdown. The battle over, Optimus gave the Dinobots their freedom, and Scorn parted with Crosshairs on good terms, who even gave him a new nickname, "Spike".



  • Scorn is an original dinobot who never appeared in the original g1 cartoon.
  • Scorn is unexplainably absent in The Last Knight along with Strafe.
  • He is the only dinobot without a miniature version.


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