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Get over here!
~ Scorpion to Sub-Zero, his most iconic quote

Hanzo Hasashi, also known as Scorpion, is a character in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. He is portrayed by Hiroyuki Sanada.


Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion is a ninja from the Japanese Shirai-Ryu clan of assassins who was killed by Sub-Zero (then known as Bi-Han) in the 1600s. He is also revered as one of the best fighters of its time whose descendant will one day unite the Earthrealm warriors.


In 1600s Japan, Hanzo Hasashi lived with his wife Harumi, his son Satoshi, and the couple's infant daughter, along with the Shirai Ryu clan. He is shown to have a dragon mark on his forearm that allows him participate in Mortal Kombat.

One day, his village was attacked by Bi-Han and members of the Lin Kuei clan. The assassins eliminated the Shirai Ryu while Bi-Han killed Harumi and Satoshi. He made a makeshift rope spear and eliminated the Lin Kuei assassins. When he faces Bi-Han, he was overpowered by Bi-Han's cryomancy. Bi-Han then mortally wounded Hanzo with his own spear. Hanzo eventually succumbed to his wounds and disappeared into flames.

In present day, a prophecy was foretold that the blood of Hanzo Hasashi will unite the fighters of Earthrealm to victory against Outworld in their tenth tournament of Mortal Kombat after having lost the previous nine. Washed up MMA fighter Cole Young sometimes had flashes of Hanzo as a fiery spectre. When Cole learned of the purpose of his own dragon mark and began to prepare for the tournament and head to Raiden's Temple for training, Lord Raiden revealed that he was a descendant of Hanzo from his infant daughter. Later, Raiden gave Cole Hanzo's blood-stained blade, telling him to use it and the spirit of Hanzo would fight with him.

After Kabal and Mileena's deaths, Bi-Han, now calling himself Sub-Zero, lured Cole into the frozen arena. Cole fought Sub-Zero, but was overpowered. Cole used Hanzo's blade to fight back, cutting himself in the process. Hanzo's spirit appeared and saved Cole. Now as Scorpion, Hanzo teamed up with Cole to fight against Sub-Zero. During the battle, Scorpion use his ability to save Cole's family. Eventually, the two critically wounded Sub-Zero and Scorpion used his hellfire to kill him. Scorpion thanked Cole for freeing him and asked him to watch over the Hasashi bloodline before teleporting away.

Powers and Abilities


You hoped that I would burn in the fires of Hell... but instead, I learned to control them.
~ Scorpion to Sub-Zero
  • Undead Physiology: After his death, Scorpion was resurrected in the Nethereralm as a wraith-like being, making him an ageless immortal. He possesses supernatural abilities such as conjuring and manipulating fire, as well as teleportation.
    • Pyrokinesis: Scorpion is capable of blasting fire and mentally controlling fire in a very limited way, which result in some of his body parts taking on a skeletal appearance such as his hands and his mouth. He can create fiery shockwave attacks with his hands and breath fire from his mouth.
      • Teleportation: Scorpion can teleport to any location at great distances surrounding himself in fire.


  • Master Martial Artist: Revered as one of the best fighters of his life time, Scorpion is a master hand to hand combatant and martial artist. He was able defeat various members of the Lin Kuei at the same time using a combination of his hand to hand skills, swordsmanship, and his kunai rope dart. He was able to fight against Bi-Han, though was eventually killed due to his opponents equal skill and cryokinetic powers. After his resurrection, he was able to fight Bi-Han, now Sub-Zero, on more equal footing due to his status as a wraith as well as teaming up with his descendent, Cole Young to fight him and eventually kill Sub-Zero.
    • Kunai Rope Dart Mastery: Scorpion is highly skilled at using his kunai rope dart in combat, whether it be at long range or close range.
    • Master Swordsman: Scorpion is a highly skilled swordsman.


Kunai Rope Dart: Scorpion's most iconic weapon is a kunai attached to a rope or a chain.

Katana: Scorpion carries this sword on his back.

Scorpion Armor: Scorpion wears armor similar to Japanese samurai armor.


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