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Come play with us, Rocky Road.
~ Scot to Kinsey
Only pregnant women and masochists crave ice cream in this weather.
~ Scot

Scot Cavendish is the quarternery character in both seasons of Netflix's Locke & Key. An avid filmmaker and the leader of the Savini Squad, Scot grows closer to Kinsey Locke when her family relocates to Matheson. He becomes wound up in their family legacy along the way and proves his misguided courage by breaking into Dodge's house and contributing to her murder. He is played by Petrice Jones.



Because Scot Cavendish struggled to make friends at Matheson Academy, he brought together the Savini Squad, consisting of Douglas Brazelle and Zadie Wells.

Season One

To be added.

Season Two

Scot continues to have interactions with the Savinis, including Dodge and Kinsey.


I know you were acting on my behalf, and while I can't condone your actions at lunchtime, I'm certainly not one to be censoring the world of sorcery. So I have a proposal: how about we use your powers for some actual good? Say... making a shit movie not so shit?
~ Scot

An intelligent and determined teenager, Scot's personality is extremely similar to all four of his close friends; Kinsey Locke, Dodge, Douglas Brazelle, and Zadie Wells. He enjoys their company and they all work well together. Scot is best defined by his quiet, awkward, hardworking, generous, and introverted nature, with a heart overflowing with kindness and compassion and the consistent desire to change his environment for the better. At school, he was teased and neglected by other students, which prompted him to bring the Savinis together in the first place. His ambition is to become a film director along with his crew. While he does not get along with students like Eden Hawkins, he never wishes them harm; as shown when he invited her to join the Savinis' project, which was averted by Eden's cowardly and petty nature; and when he urged Kinsey and Gabe to stop humiliating her; this was averted by both girls' well-placed desire for karma.

However, despite all of his warmth and inner strength Scot is extremely insecure and unsure of himself, although he and his friends seem to all share this trait and help each other mediate it and reassure each other they all have a lot to offer the world.

Scot has romantic feelings for Kinsey; it initially seems he is immensely attracted to her physically, but as they get to know each other it becomes clear he loves her as a person and this makes him very protective. They fall out after Kinsey encourages them into the Drowning Caves, but he soon comes to forgive her, with only Gabe getting over it sooner. He is hence alarmed by learning about all of the magic keys and what they mean for his hometown.

Much like Dodge, another consistent trait in Scot is to make others see the best parts of themselves. This is what allowed Scot to inspire the Savini Squad to stand for something in their adolescence and stay together despite trying odds; inspire Kinsey to realize she was worth much more than she had been treated, and to realize he and Dodge made her feel loved and safe in two very different ways; to help Eden see past purely hedonistic interests; and to inspire Dodge to realize she needs friends even when on an insane yet validating quest for revenge.

Other Media

Main article: Scot Kavanaugh

In the comics, Scot's surname is Kavanaugh, not Cavendish, and he is well known for being an anarchist who creates most of his own problems. He is left handed.


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