Screech (real name Strig Tyton) is a supporting character in the Pixar's film The Incredibles 2. He is a superhero who has sembiance of a hawk, and speaks with a French accent.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Screech is seen for a time with Voyd, Brick, He-Lectrix, Reflux and Krushauer during the meeting to meet Elastigirl in Winston's office and always introduces himself speaking in his French accent with great kindness . During this meeting he explains to her what his superpowers are. Later in the film after Elastigirl was kidnapped and hypnotized by Evelyn (Screenslaver) and her husband Mr. Incredible has left to save her, it turns out that Screech and the other superheroes have also been hypnotized with the Hypno glasses, and break into the new Parr house to kidnap the boys. Frozone arrives just in time and makes the boys escape before being caught by Brick and hypnotized by Screech. Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack after having gone far enough with the Incredimobile rush to the Winstons' yot in secret. Screech almost discovers him but the remote control that controls Jack-Jack breaks and the grown child falls on top of Screech, Krushauer and Voyd, knocking them out (but not for long). The children save their parents from hypnosis and then they also hover all the other super. While Screech and the other Supers rescue the passengers of the disabled yot, Incredible reverses course from the underwater propeller and Elastigirl and Voyd capture Evelyn who tried to escape, and as a result she is arrested. Screech is seen for the last time with all the other super to officially decree with the government that they are no longer outlawed.


Screech has the appearance of a brown owl with wings that allow him to fly, he looks very muscular, and has a badge on his super vest. He has white skin and dark brown gloves, a yellow belt with the emblem.

Power and Abilites

Screech has powers very similar to those of a predatory bird: it can take advantage of its view of at least 360 degrees, which it can see in the dark. Another power of him is the cry of the eagle that can scream loudly to be able to break glass. And last but not least, flight, which can fly very fast.



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