Scrooge McDuck is the main protagonist of DuckTales 2017 series. He is the world's richest duck.

He is voiced by David Tennant who also voices Angus and Charles Darwin, and portrays the Tenth Doctor.


He wearing a red jacket with visible pockets and black cuffs and collar, as per his comic book appearance.


Before Della's disappearance, Scrooge was shown to be a more jovial, fun-loving and generous duck who relished in adventure and helped those in need whenever he could, but after her vanishing, he was shown to be much more bitter and rather jaded. After the arrival of his great-nephews, he regained his love of adventure back.



In his younger days he used to conduct adventures with his nephew Donald and niece Della joining him.

However, an incident occurred that led to the three of them parting ways, with Della disappearing, Donald and Scrooge becoming estranged, and Scrooge losing the spark for adventure.

Season One

Ten years later, as seen in the pilot episode, Scrooge regains his energy when he is reunited with Donald and introduced to his grand-nephews for the first time.

Season Two




  • Scrooge's Scottish background, the Money Bin, and the Number One Dime remains the same, and he is a well known as a seasoned "adventure-capitalist".


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