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I'm Scrooge McDuck. I made my name by being tougher than the toughies, and smarter than the smarties, and I made it square on my own!
~ Scrooge's most famous quote.

Scrooge McDuck is the main protagonist of the Ducktales reboot. He is the world's richest duck and an adventurer.

He was voiced by David Tennant, who also voices Angus, Lord Commander, Spitelout Jorgenson, Fugitoid, and Charles Darwin. He portrays the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who and Crowley in Good Omens.


Scrooge wears a red jacket with visible pockets and black cuffs and collar, as per his comic book appearance.


Before Della's disappearance, Scrooge was shown to be a more jovial, fun-loving and generous duck who relished in adventure and helped those in need whenever he could, but after her vanishing, he was shown to be much more bitter and rather jaded. After the arrival of his great-nephews, he regained his love of adventure back. While most of his persona from the comics remains the same, he is notably more optimistic, level-headed and kind-hearted in this version, and he loves his family so much more than anything. Like his nephew, Donald, Scrooge can also be quick-tempered, but he does not have a temper as strong as his nephew.



In 1877, Scrooge was a ten-year-old boy, working as a shoe shiner in the city of Glasgow. One day while working, Burt the Ditchdigger came with boots cemented in mud and hired Scrooge to shine his shoes. Scrooge worked and worked, shining his shoes until they sparkled. In return, the man paid Scrooge with a single American dime. Proud of his hard work, the American dime inspired Scrooge to move to the United States of America, where he would eventually find his fortune. What Scrooge did not find out until over a hundred years later was that the dime had been given to Burt by his father Fergus McDuck, who also muddied Burt's boots and sent him to Scrooge. Fergus, being poor, hoped to teach Scrooge the value of self-reliance so he could make his own way in the world.

Before DuckTales (2017)

In his younger days, he used to conduct adventures with his nephew Donald and niece Della joining him. However, an incident occurred that led to the three of them parting ways, with Della disappearing, Donald and Scrooge becoming estranged, and Scrooge losing the spark for adventure.

In America, Scrooge met a woman named Goldie O'Gilt. The two of them went on a number of adventures together, including a visit to the Gobi Desert, an encounter with Portuguese pirates, and a flight over the Himalayas. During the Klondike Gold Rush, Scrooge and Goldie searched together for the Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains. Goldie attempted to steal the map from Scrooge, but they were attacked by a woolly mammoth, and half of the map got stuck between the mammoth's teeth. As trying to escape from the beast, the two of them froze into a glacier and spent five years there. Goldie melted out of the glacier first and left Scrooge heartbroken.

75 years prior to the series, Scrooge made his first million dollars and wanted to mark the occasion by doing something nobody has ever done before; climbing to the top of Mount Neverrest. He hired a renowned mountaineer, George Mallardy, to lead his expedition up the mountain. But due to Scrooge's inexperience and over-packaged on emergency supplies, Mallardy mocked him mercilessly. When Scrooge and Mallardy were tied together on a rope and dangling from a cliff, Mallardy insisted that Scrooge would lighten his load, but Scrooge refused, not wanting to lose the supplies or his money belt. Frustrated, Mallardy cut scrooge loose and he fell off Mount Neverrest so Mallardy could continue himself. A myth of this incident spread around, but it stated that instead of Mallardy trying to kill Scrooge, he tried to save him. Scrooge was branded "The Neverrest Ninny"

Scrooge was a very adventurous, outgoing and brave man, even in his older years. Some of his exploits include defeating a Rock Giant and carving a statue out of its leg and solving the mystery of the Chupacabra and swimming in a pile of gold. He spent an undetermined amount of time in the timeless demon dimension of Demogorgana. In 1956, he captured a unicorn that he locked in his Other Bin. In the 1960s, he worked with the spy agency S.H.U.S.H., where he met Agent Mrs. Beakley, who later became his housekeeper. In 1977, he found a mysterious Dreamcatcher. At a later point Scrooge decided to adventure with his sister Hortense McDuck's kids; his niece and nephew Della Duck and Donald Duck He remarks that he's done 'about' everything in his life, from prospecting to treasure hunting and even farming chickens.

On an adventure in a jungle, Scrooge McDuck, accompanied by his niece and nephew, Della Duck and Donald Duck respectively. The trio eventually came across an ancient city and temple, ruled by the mighty Monteplumage. Scrooge and Della make haste while they enter the temple, while Donald lags behind the group, making pessimistic quips along the way. While walking down a hallway, Scrooge came across a bird-like artifact in a cage. Della examines the artifact while Scrooge recognizes the bird as the greatest treasure Montemplumage ever owned, the Golden Chicken. Much to the confusion of the group, the chicken came to life and begins to attack the group. Scrooge deduces that the chicken was not Montemplumage's greatest treasure, but actually his greatest nightmare. The chicken begins to grow in size as it continues to assault Donald while Scrooge and Della try to come up with a solution to stop the being.

Scrooge and Della uncover a room covered in ancient symbols. Scrooge was quickly able to learn what the symbols mean, recognizing them as the rules of a game and Della gets to work on trying to solve the puzzle. The two are able to solve the puzzle, but to their confusion and anger, it just seems to drop cacao beans from a vent located in a stone heads mouth. However, as Donald quickly realizes, the beans are magical and cause him to shrink after he eats them. Scrooge convinces the chicken to eat the cacao beans and causes it to also shrink. After several helpings of the beans, the chicken was small enough to fit in the cage. Sometime later, the trio is enjoying a train ride. Scrooge decides to keep the golden chicken as a keepsake.

Scrooge has apparently partaken in multiple rebellions in the past presumably includes the demon uprising that Goldie O'Gilt started in Demogorgana. Curiously, Scrooge apparently has a history with Santa Claus, given his great displeasure at hearing his name.

Webby Vanderquack has also listed Santa among Scrooge's greatest enemies. Other notable accomplishments in his life were conquering Plain Awful and finding the Lost Crown of the Mongols. At some point, he conned Grandpappy Beagle out of the deed to Duckburg - since then, he owns the lands to the city and leases it for a small profit. At some point, Scrooge became involved with a long-running conflict against the sorceress Magica De Spell. Their rivalry seemingly culminated some fifteen years prior to "Woo-oo!" with Magica disappearing.

After going on numerous adventures together, Scrooge and his niece and nephew had traversed much of the world. Eager to find new places to explore, Della conceived of a spaceship called the Spear of Selene. As Della had recently laid eggs that would hatch into her triplet sons Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donald was opposed to the venture. Scrooge, however, empathized with Della's desire and built the Spear in secret, intending to give it to Della as a surprise after the boys were born.

Scrooge's plans went awry when Della discovered the Spear and took it for a test flight, during which he remained in communication with her. When she encountered a cosmic storm she continued with Scrooge's encouragement, but the ship was disabled and she was lost. Devastated, Scrooge launched a massive search effort, spending large amounts of his own fortune and defying his board of directors in his determination to find her. Sadly, he never succeeded, and Donald blaming Scrooge for his sister's loss-parted ways with his uncle, not speaking to him for ten years.

Season One

Donald Duck reluctantly leaves his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, with his estranged uncle Scrooge McDuck while he goes to a job interview. After Scrooge locks the boys in a room for making fun of him, the triplets come across Webby Vanderquack, who befriends them and shows off a collection of relics and artifacts that Scrooge and Donald collected during their previous adventures, only to accidentally release various ancient evils housed in them.

After the kids help him contain them, Scrooge finds his thirst for adventure rekindled and decides to take them all, along with his driver/pilot Launchpad McQuack, to find the Lost Jewel of Atlantis. However, the group are unaware that Scrooge's rival, Flintheart Glomgold seeks the jewel as well and has hired Donald as his sailor; leading to a race against time to claim the relic. During their quest, Dewey argues with Scrooge about locking him and his brothers up and not wanting them around, though they later reconcile.

In the end, Scrooge gets the Jewel, and Donald and the boys move into McDuck Manor after an accident costs them their houseboat. Revisiting Scrooge's collection, Dewey discovers a painting of Scrooge, Donald, and the boys' long lost mother, Della.

Season Two

In Season 2, while he and his children were heading for another adventure, Scrooge was surprised but also overjoyed and happy to see his niece Della alive and safe.

Season Three

In Season 3, Scrooge and his family decides to search the world for lost magical items that weren't discovered by a famous explorer.


It’s you! It’s really you! Oh I cannot believe it!
~ Scrooge reunites with Della.
You didn't lose to me... You lost to my family... all of them!
~ Scrooge to a defeated Bradford.




  • Although Scrooge is the protagonist of show, he has much smaller role than did the original. The reboot of the series mainly focus' on the kids and other characters of the series, including Donald. Even so, he still serves as the show's titular character as he is the source of the whole show.
  • Scrooge's Scottish background, the Money Bin, and the Number One Dime remains the same, and he is a well known as a seasoned "adventure-capitalist".
  • As the series starts in its air date (2017), Scrooge's age at the series' beginning - 150 years. He said he did in different ways, that include being trapped in timeless dimension, being frozen and cursed with Druid stones.
  • Scrooge's expression of his persona foreshadows series' deuteragonists' personalities: Huey (smarter than smarties), Dewey (tougher than toughties), Louie (sharper than sharpies) and Webby (made it square).

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