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Seaspray is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers series. They are all Autobot hovercrafts. 

Transformers: Generation 1

Seaspray's biography painted him as even more at home on Earth than any of the other Autobots. Earth's natural oceans are a far cry from Cybertron, and Seaspray's job is to explore as much of it as possible. He loves the thrill of naval battles, despite the risks involved, and hates having to assume his robot mode on land. Animated series

Seaspray, like many other season 2 Transformers, originally appeared in the episode "Dinobot Island Part 2".

His most prominent appearance was in the episode "Sea Change", when he was sent alongside Bumblebee, Perceptor and Cosmos to the planet Traal in response to a distress signal. The Decepticon tyrant Deceptitran had enslaved the planet, and the arrival of Megatron's forces only worsened the situation. Seaspray then fell in love with Alana, one of the leaders of the resistance. After the two performed a daring rescue of the captured Bumblebee, Seaspray learned of the Well of Transformation, an energy source that transformed living beings into whatever they desired. Seaspray entered, and emerged a Traal male. Although Alana fell in love with him, an attack by Rumble convinced him he would be more use to the Traal as an Autobot, and entered the pool once again. Although it was successful, Alana emerged as a robot too. The two defeated Deceptitran and forced Megatron's forces to flee. The two (Alana having returned to being human) then departed into the sunset. Seaspray spoke with a gurgling tone in his voice.

Like many other Transformers from the first two seasons, Seaspray was gradually phased out in the third season. He last appeared in "Thief in the Night."

Seaspray was the spokesbot in an unreleased Transformers "Knowing is half the Battle" public service announcement where he taught kids to always wear a lifejacket on a boat.

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