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Secret Bear is a Care Bear who made her animated debut in The Care Bears Movie in 1985, and has since made numerous follow-up appearances in several forms of Care Bear media.

She was voiced by Anni Evans in The Care Bears Movie and Stephanie Sheh in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.


She originally had tangerine orange-colored fur, which was changed to magenta from her 2000s toy appearance onward, and her Belly Badge is a red heart-shaped padlock.


Secret Bear's not what you'd call the talkative type. This tight-lipped Care Bear only confides her closest friends, and even then it's usually just a whisper in their ear. When she has to get her point across, she does so either by pantomime or charades, leaving everyone else to interpret her message the best they can. She may not be the best choice if you need an inspirational speaker, but when it comes to someone you can depend on or confide in, there's no better choice. Like the saying goes, "No one keeps a secret like Secret Bear".


The Care Bears Movie

Secret Bear makes her animated debut in the Care Bears first theatrical film as one of the residents of Care-a-Lot who welcome two children named Kim and Jason to their high-altitude home. However, when the kids, along with Share Bear and Friend Bear, are accidentally transported to the Forest of Feelings.

Care Bears Movie II

The second Care Bear feature film tells the story of how the Care Bear Family, including Share Bear, first came to Care-a-Lot after escaping the clutches of the evil Dark Heart. Some time later, the villain makes another attempt at capturing his furry prey by setting a trap with the help of a girl named Christy.



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