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The Security Shark is a supporting character in Joe Camp's 1981 special Benji Takes a Dive at Marineland. As his name suggests, he is a shark who tries to guard Benji's diving equipment from anyone who tries to steal it, including Boris Todeth.


The shark swims around Benji's diving gear and has put up a sign that says not to touch Benji's diving equipment. However, Boris Todeth wants to prevent Benji's world record from becoming the world's first scuba dog from happening. He tries to fish for the gear, but the shark cuts the rope. Boris tries again several times, but the shark keeps on cutting off the hooks. Boris thinks he's got the gear, but the shark grabs onto the rope and leaps at him out of the water, causing Boris to fall back. As Pugit announces Benji's record, the shark is eventually given sleeping pills by Boris and he manages to get the gear. He then notices Benji and pushes him into the water. Lana smacks Boris with her tail and sends him rolling into the dolphin ring. Benji eventually manages to get his gear back after Lana feeds Boris to the dolphins.

It is unknown what happened to the shark afterwards, but he most likely recovered from the sleeping pills Boris gave him after Benji made the world record.



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