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Seiji Shishikura, also known as Sisicross is a supporting character in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. He is a second year student of Shiketsu High School who is training to become a Pro Hero.

He is voiced by Makoto Furukawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Stephen Fu in the English version of the anime.


Seiji is a young man of average height with slanted and thin eyes, alongside purple hair that is swept into a fringe covering his left eye. His hair being fluffier around the back.

His hero costume consists of a black overcoat with red trimmings and a large neck-collar. His outfit has short sleeves with two red and black armbands, and an additional white armband on his left arm. He wears halfed-white gloves that only cover his thumb, index and middle fingers. In addition, he also wears Shiketsu's uniform hat.


Seiji is a proud student who holds great respect for Shiketsu and values the school's teachings of dignity and obligation. He tends to take on a very serious and focused attitude while also believing that undignified people have no chance at being heroes, this is shown with him directly contrasting Katsuki Bakugo's crude behaviour, with the two students not being able to stand each other as a result. He also reprimands Camie Utsushimi's free-spirited attitude to the point of seeing the girl as an utter fool. Nonetheless, he still proves to be somewhat caring as he had concern for Camie being impersonated by a villain, and got angry with himself for not noticing this during the exam.

As mentioned before, Seiji believes that heroes should be dignified and opposes any candidates whom he sees as unworthy. While he respects U.A. High School, he believes that Class 1-A sully the hero academy's image. He also focused on taking out any he saw as unworthy during the Provisional License Exam, to the point where he focused on this more than actually passing it. His condescending demeanour also led to him underestimating his opponents however, which allowed Denki Kaminari to defeat him.

Furthermore, it seems that Seiji has been influenced by the Hero Killer: Stain, as he seems to have become devout on reforming the meaning of heroism. Although he of course denies himself having been influenced by a villain.

Seiji’s biggest weakness, aside from underestimating others, is being unable to reflect on himself and learn from his own faults. His teacher and Nagamasa Mora state that Stain has been a bad influence on Seiji and that his need to impose on others causes him to ignore in viewing his own self as well. As such, Seiji is shown to be arrogant in believing that he himself is capable and worthy whilst being highly judgemental of others.

He has shown to be insecure over his squinty eyes and called them “big and handsome” when Katsuki mocked him over it.

Powers & Abilities


Meatball: Seiji's Quirk allows him to manipulate raw flesh, including those of others and his own. With others, Seiji is capable of compressing others into balls of flesh which effectively incapacitates them, as he did with Eijiro Kirishima. With his own flesh, Seiji has much more versatility, as he can detach, reshape and control it to use for both offensive and defensive purposes.


  • Seiji's father is an employee at Tartarus prison, who was also the one to take All For One to his cell. The usage of commissar caps by the prison guards was a deciding factor for Seiji to enroll at Shiketsu, given that Shiketsu provide similar uniform.
  • For unknown reasons, Seiji did not participate in the remedial course and instead spectated. Though despite this he still appears in the Hero Work-Studies, indicating that he managed to gain his hero license later on.
  • Seiji was the first to mention the Quirk Singularity theory; a theory believing that Quirks will continue to become stronger as generations pass and will eventually fall out of control.


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