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Seimei is a minor protagonist from Dragalia Lost who is among the group of adventurers who serve as part of the New Years events. He serves as the main protagonist of the raid event "Cursed Connections" and the main antagonist of its immediate sequel, the colosseum event "Fortune's Fray", where he serves as the biggest obstacle for Elisanne and Luca in the event's tournament.

He is named after Abe No Seimei.


Seimei has dark indigo hair and wears a turquoise uniform with an overcoat floating behind him. Said overcoat is red on one side and turquoise on the other.


The leader of the Ox Wyrmclan, one of the twelve that rule the eastern island nation of Hinomoto. He is a genius onmyoji—a wielder of a magical power called onmyodo. Highly skilled, he prefers to work alone. Gozu Tenno is his pactwyrm.


Cursed Connections

for the third new year at the Halidom, Seimei is sent to serve as the guest of honor. However, he sends Kuzunoha to hunt down Doman before they go.

Unknown to either of them, Doman had arrived at the Halidom before them and introduces himself to them as an envoy for the wyrmclan leader they were waiting for and takes advantage of the moment to corrupt the Halidom's mana. With the party swarmed by Doman's shikigami, Seimei arrives to wipe the monsters out and puts a barrier over the Halidom leaving the party to take some time to recover from the moment.

After a brief recovery, Seimei prepares to leave the group to face Doman alone leaving Kuzunoha to help the party on her own. However, with the party being unable to get past the barrier, they bribe Kuzunoha with cookies to bring them to Seimei. Upon arriving, Euden proposes that they work together against Doman. Seimei refuses as he believes taking out Doman is his business alone and calls the party fools for letting Doman trick them.

Unable to convince Seimei, the party eventually meets Gozu Tenno whom they find out to be Seimei's pactwyrm. After buying the dragon some tofu, the party manages to convince Seimei to begrudgingly let them come along.

As they travel to the Halidom, the party runs into Yoshitsune. With her, the party begins to plan out their retaking of the Halidom with Seimei and Gozu Tenno going in first so that the rest of the party can be granted a safe way through the barrier.

After splitting up, Seimei and Gozu enter the Halidom to face Doman without opening a way as planned. Seimei plans to kill himself and Doman at the same time in order to end a curse which Doman had placed on the two of them called the Kodoku. Unknown to Seimei, the party had been able to create an opening of their own with the help of Yoshitsune, which also leads up to Kuzunoha finding out about Seimei's plans.

In the moment, Doman fires a blast at Kuzunoha, only for Gozu to take the hit. The resulting blast creates an evil Shikigami copy of Gozu Tenno who serves Doman, prompting the party to fight it.

After making a retreat, Seimei reveals that he and Doman were part of a clan called onmyoji with the two of them beiing the only ones left alive. Despite hearing Seimei's intentions, the party convinces him not to go through with killing himself.

Eventually, they go to face Doman and the Shikigami Gozu Tenno once more. After destroying the Shikigami, Seimei delivers a killing blow to Doman, ending him once and for all and completing the curse. Seimei feels a bit surprised as to how minimal the effect of the curse are to him. With the Mukuroshu repelled from the Halidom, the party prepares to celebrate New Years properly.

Fortune's Fray

Due to how much time was wasted dealing with Doman and the Mukuroshu, the Halidom party puts together a new plan to celebrate new years in the form of the Hinomoto Fortune Fighters Tournament. For the tournament, many people from Hinomoto arrive to compete. When one of the prizes is revealed to be Yura's Mirror, which reflects the viewers memories, Luca becomes interested enough to take part as it would be a good prize following some news he had recieved. In addition to that, there would be a huge cash prize which get Elisanne motivated to compete as she sees it as a great donation for the church.

Unknown to either of them, Seimei registers for the tournament himself under the identity of Nameless while he has Kuzunoha take on his appearance to serve as the announcer.

Nameless's first opponent in the tournament is Cleo whom he is quick to knock out of the arena and emerge victorious. Cleo, confused about what happened, returns to the crowd.

After a matchup between Luca and Daikokuten, Nameless is then set to face Ranzal. While Ranzal manages to get a few swings in, Nameless throws him out of bounds just like with Cleo. Seeing this gets the party to realize Nameless to be some sort of spellcaster.

After Elisanne manages to beat Yoshitsune, she is then set to fight Nameless herself. When Elisanne proves to be tougher than his previous opponents, Nameless performs a spell to freeze her in place. However, this spell doesn't go unrecognized, and it prompts "Seimei" to intervene. This results in Seimei having to throw his disguise and reveal himself to be nameless and the announcer to be Kuzunoha.

From there, the two reveal the mirror to be a family heirloom, and that Seimei entered the tournament to win it back. With Seimei exposed, he prepares to forfeit, but everybody encourages him to keep fighting. After hearing Seimei's motives, Elisanne ponders if it would be fair to rob Seimei of his keepsake, distracting her long enough for Seimei to knock her out of bounds.

The final round comes down to Luca and Seimei. The fight proves intense, prompting Seimei to use all of his energy to beat Luca. Luca takes the attack head on. With Seimei out of energy, Luca emerges the winner of the tournament.

Seimei takes the loss with dignity and accepts that he won't get the mirror back. However, Luca decides to give the mirror to Seimei as he feels that Seimei deserves the mirror more than he does. Luca also donates the prize money to the orphanage for Elisanne.

With the tournament over, the party celebrates another happy New Year.


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