Seishiro 2

Seishiro Kuki is one of the main protagonists in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage.

He is voiced by Naoki Oikawa.


Seishiro is one of the sons of the Kuki clan who can follows in his father's footsteps as Leader of Oniwabanshu. During his childhood, he and his adopted brother, Tohma, were taught swordsmanship by their father, who is a legendary samurai with two powerful swords.

Tohma envied him -as he was their father's son by blood- and killed their father in a jealous rage. However, his brother left with one of their father's prized swords, Kohroh. Years after his father's death, he is also receives secret orders to infiltrate Ritenkyo and annihilate the rebellious Razor Trio. Hearing that Tohma is one of their leaders, as well as he departs with one of his father's friends, Jin-Emon Hanafusa, taking the missing blade's counterpart, Sei-oh, in hand.

In his ending, Seishiro and his brother engage in battle with Seishiro as the victor. A prideful Tohma tries to attack him again but is beaten again effortlessly. He reclaims his father missing sword and returns home, continuing the Kuki legacy.


Seishiro is a stoic and intelligent hero, but he can often drawing himself into duels that interest him rather than the ones he's assigned to do. He is a man of few words, and has a habit of sleeping while standing much to the annoyance of those who try to converse with him. Able to anticipate those around him, he is typically out of sync with his surroundings, always expressing an unbiased opinion. This makes him somewhat rude and exceedingly arrogant at first glance. However, he is wise beyond his years and his words often carry some sort of advice to others. His actions exasperate his partner, Jin-Emon, as he tries to act and work alone.


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