Selena Vega

Selena Vega is a supporting character from the American Pie film series. She is the best friend of Michelle Flaherty since high school and the love interest of Paul Finch in American Reunion. She is a formerly overweight nerdy girl who has become a beautiful thin woman. Selena is portrayed by Dania Ramirez.

High School

In high school Selena was a member of the matching band and an overweight outcast. She and Michelle Flaherty were best friends and went to Tall-Oaks band camp together, where they born learned to have sex aggressively. She was presumed to be bullied Steve Stifler in high school, who nicknamed her "Lard Arms", just like many other outcasts in high school. Selena had a crush on Paul Finch, since he was only one who nice to her in high school and just like Finch she went to the prom alone.

American Reunion

After graduating High School, Selena had lost weight and became an attractive young woman. She stayed in East Great Falls and took a job as a bartender at the local bar. During her high school Reunion, Selena was reunited with Michelle and started a relationship with Finch. She fascinated his with interesting stories of traveling the world. When it was revealed that his stories were lies, Selena didn't care and she revealed to him that she was in love with because of how kind he was to her in high school. After the reunion Selena and Finch plan to travel through Europe together.

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