Senate Guards also known as Blue Guards and Senate Commandos were an elite security force that was responsible for protecting the Senate and protecting government officials and buildings within the Galactic Republic. Senate Guards and Senate Commandos shared the same duty of protecting the Chancellor, Senators and others inside the Senate Hall. The Senate Guards were all humans not part of the Clone Army and did not have clone troopers.

The guards of the Galactic Senate wore striking robes of blue, symbolizing the Senate's supreme authority and the long tradition of its wise and rule. The large crest and simple drape are ceremonial effects rather than functional designs.

The best and bravest members of the Senate Guards are selected to become Commandos, that carried out secret missions on Coruscant as well as elsewhere in the galaxy. Their proud tradition is one of the most cherished in the Republic they serve.

The Senate Guards have protected the galaxy's legislatures for centuries. Their blue robes and crested helmets are reassuring sights on Coruscant. The bravest Guardsmen become Senate Commandos, donning blue armor to tackle covert assignments.

During his rise to power, Palpatine seized control of all Senate security, consolidating the Blue Senate Guard under his direct personal authority. With the decline of the Republic, the Blue Guards would eventually be phased out by Imperial Stormtrooper patrols and the Red Guard in the Emperor's service.


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