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Senbei Norimaki is the deuteragonist of Dr. Slump.

He was voiced by the late Kenji Utsumi and Yusaku Yara in the Japanese version, and by the late Brice Armstrong, Adam Hunter and R. Bruce Elliott in the English version.


Sometime when Senbei was young, his parents passed away. Also when he was young, Senbei began hating dogs when one told that he was stupid. When he became an inventor, some of his early inventions were a talkingAlarm Clock and the Future Camera which can show take a picture of what something or someone will look like in the future.

Creating Arale

Senbei's life changed when he created an android who he adopted as his daughter named Arale. In many episodes, he invents something and Arale Norimaki calls him Doraemon.

Dating & Marrying Midori

He developed a huge crush on the Junior High School's teacher Midori Yamabuki who he dreams about a lot. In one episode, he actually gets a date with Midori and goes into space. On the way back, Arale Norimaki's friends play a prank on them for leaving them behind. They dress up like old people, and say that the time is 2030 (the year in the Manga being 1981.) Senbei finally marries Midori when he proposes to her while she was on the toilet. A year later, they have a son named Turbo.

Dragon Ball

When Goku was chasing General Blue in the skies of Penguin Village, Senbei constantly made peace signs in front of the screen since it has been awhile since he had been been in Shonen Jump (or on TV, in the anime). Akane yells at him for being stupid. Goku and Arale later show up at his house and ask if he could fix the Dragon Radar so he can find General Blue. Senbei was confused of it's really advanced technology and was even more put down when Goku said a girl made it. Turbo secretly saved him from looking like an idiot by fixing it behind his back using his powers. General Blue shows up at his house and attempts to kill Goku and steal Senbei's plane, but Arale defeats him. While General Blue got away with the radar, Senbei let Turbo take his airplane apart to make Goku a new radar.




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