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Senna Abaru, also known as just Senna or The Redeemer, is a heroic playable champion in the massive multiplayer online arena game League of Legends.

One of the Sentinels of Light, Senna married the son of her deceased mentor Urias, Lucian. She was killed and had her soul imprisoned by the cruel wraith Thresh, whom was pursued by Lucian for many years until he finally destroyed his lantern and freed Senna's soul. Instead of passing on, she still remained on Runeterra as a wraith to finish what she had started.

She is voiced by Cynthia Kaye McWilliams in League of Legends, and Kimberly Brooks as her younger self in Legends of Runeterra.


From a young age, Senna had a curse which attracted the Black Mist towards her. When her island was attacked by a large cloud of Black Mist, Senna and her people were saved by a Sentinel of Light named Urias, who recruited her to be his trainee to help her fight back since the Mist was attracted to her.

Senna easily mastered her training and learned to fire a relic weapon, but throughout her Sentinel career she tried to distance herself from others due to her curse. When Urias was killed, Senna went to Demacia to break the news to his family. His son Lucian, whom had always wanted to be like his father, was desperate to come with Senna and join the Sentinels. Senna reluctantly accepted his offer, as his stubbornness made him the only person she could trust to keep close. Senna and Lucian's relationship eventually blossomed into love, and they eventually married. But Lucian was desperate to free Senna from her curse, no matter what it takes.

The two eventually met their would-be archenemy, Thresh, who proved to be too strong for both of them to fight alone. Senna wanted Lucian to retreat, but he wanted to fight Thresh. The specter threw his hook at him, but Senna took the blow instead. She died and her soul was absorbed into Thresh's lantern. Lucian believed that Senna's soul was being tortured, as Thresh was known for, so he dedicated his life to finding Senna and releasing her soul to grant her peace.

Unbeknownst to Lucian, Senna was blessed by her curse, which gave her life which not even the Black Mist could rip away. She was able to communicate with the souls of the other Sentinels imprisoned in the lantern, who told her about the origins of the Ruination and her supposed curse: it was born of a desperate king who failed to revive his queen, and the soul of said queen was protecting Senna. No longer fearing the Black Mist, she waited until the day where Lucian would finally set her free. Instead of passing on, Senna was reborn as a wraith, but a benevolent one who reshaped herself into her human form. As they embraced once more, Senna knew that Thresh's plans were only just beginning.

Now, she knows she has to find the Ruined King, and stop him at any cost.



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