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You've got questions. It's time for some answers. Until now we've stayed in the shadows. Watching Waiting. We were formed four years ago. A U.S. led multi professional unit. Codename: Sentinel.
~ Cormack to Mitchell.

Sentinel Task Force is a Tier One international coalition of Special Forces operatives formed by the United States of America following the attacks orchestrated by the KVA, and a heroic organization in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.



Post-KVA attacks

Sentinel Task Force was created in response of the worldwide nuclear plants explosion by the KVA led by Hades.

By August 5, 2059, Sentinel aided Atlas to capture the co-leader of the KVA, Dr. Pierre Danois in the deserted city of Detroit.

Between these events

By November 9, New Baghdad, Iraq, Sentinel led by Cormack rescued both Mitchell and Ilona from Atlas.

By January 3, 2060, Bangkok, Thailand, Mitchell, Ilona, Cormack and Knox infiltrated the villa to download the data about the bacterial weapon named Manticore, and use the tracker on the cargo plane they later damaged on the Antarctica to secure Manticore.

By April 4, Strandja, Bulgaria, the team infiltrates the eponymous bio-lab.

War against Atlas

By June 15, Sentinel, fighting at the side of the San Francisco Police Department, failed to prevent Golden Gate Bridge from being destroyed at the hands of the drones of Atlas. However beneath the destroyed bridge, Sentinel managed to defend their carrier from Atlas. Sentinel was tasked for the next few years in stopping Atlas cells across the world, with Irons having returned to Atlas HQ in New Baghdad.

By January 8, 2061, back at New Baghdad, Sentinel striked the HQ of Atlas, unaware that both Mitchell and Gideon are in it after destroying the launching. The duo were successful in destroying the rockets filled with Manticore, and were able to kill Jonathan Irons.

Even though Irons died, the war against Atlas is far from over.



  • Cormack is the announcer of the team in multiplayer.
  • The group is similar to Task Force 141, with members having been betrayed by an ally (MW2 - General Shepherd and AW - Jonathan Irons).