I'm getting reports that this Morando fella is working on something… strange. This arrangement you made with him kinda seems like a deal with the… Devil.
~ Sergeant Costas warning Colonel Kubritz about Morando to no avail.

Sergeant Costas is a supporting protagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing in 3Below.

He is the former Sergeant of Area 49-B who worked under the nefarious Colonel Kubritz, but her refusal to listen to him as well as his own moral code defects him to work with House Tarron to defeat General Morando.

He is voiced by Oscar Nuñez.


  • Accessory to omnicide prevention
  • Counter-terrorism


Costas was first seen as a military officer working under Kubritz at Area 49-B, and unlike her, he is more than willing to protect Arcadia and the rest of the Earth. Over time, he became more and more worrisome about his superior, such as when she refused to heed his warnings about Morando and trusted the latter anyway, as well as when she went back on her deal to Aja and Krel Tarron. He is also repulsed by how she tortures Tronos out of her xenophobia, and is very shocked when Morando kills Tronos for disobeying him.

Having had enough, Costas quits working for Kubritz at Area 49-B, even lying to her about not knowing where House Tarron is located, though she decides to find a way to draw them out. He tells Aja, Krel, and Varvatos Vex about Morando being integrated with Gaylen's Core so they can stop him in time, but it is too late. Nevertheless, Costas is hired by Stuart before Morando is destroyed by Aja and Krel using the rebuilt Seklos' Cannon.


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