Sergio is one of the main characters of Los Casagrandes. He is the pet parrot of the Casagrande Family. He is a sarcastic, wisecracking parrot, who is always talking trash about the family and driving everyone, especially Bobby crazy. His hobbies include partying with other birds in the city, smooching with his girlfriend, and ordering expensive stuff from commercials under the family's credit card.

He is arguably one of the least heroic members of the family as he's constantly causing trouble by stealing stuff, destroying things, antagonizing people, invading privacy, pulling pranks, insulting others, etc. His unfriendly actions range from being mildly obnoxious to downright villainous but whenever he does something bad, he always gets punished for it and by the end of the episode, he's doing the time for his crime by doing good deeds to make up for his previous wrongdoings.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


In "Friended!", Ronnie Anne had Sergio stand guard for her and Sid, while they vandalized Apartment 3A them and ensure that Rosa wouldn't walk in on them and catch them in the act. Sergio guarded the kitchen and watched as Rosa took care of Carl. When Rosa was on the move, Sergio flew up to 3A and warned them. He later helped the duo with the plans by flying into the room and squawking like a madman, driving the potential customers crazy until they left. He even crapped on the guy's head to make sure he wouldn't come back. After Ronnie Anne and Sid got busted, Sergio helped them fix up the room by hanging up air fresheners and expected to be payed in crackers for his kindness in undoing their rotten behavior.

In "Power Play", Sergio threw a bunch of huge rousing parties in the bodega every night for all the other birds. When he found out these parties were wasting electricity, he helped the family by stopping throwing the parties and sleeping in Ronnie Anne's room, where he would stop bothering everyone.

In "Roll Model", Sergio helped Carlino stop thinking she was a hero by telling her that she should just tell him the truth.

In "No Show", Sergio and Lalo ran rampant all over town with Ronnie Anne, helping her find a TV that she could watch Adios Ana Adios on without her family knowing.

In "Snack Pact", after putting the family through madness, trying to blow their cover about eating food that wasn't Abuela's, he payed the price for his nastiness by working as a waiter for the Casagrande family, refilling their drinks, giving them food, and basically going back and forth, serving them wing and foot for all of their overbearing needs.

In "Away Game", Sergio assisted Rosa in vandalizing Arturo's house and sabotaging his family for the sake of keeping Ronnie Anne and Bobby with their family, mostly. When he and Rosa were busted, they had to make up for their horrible behavior, with Sergio going around and eating all the bugs Rosa released into the house. Sergio didn't even get much punishment for this, if at all, because this was mostly Rosa's fault.

In "Trend Game", Sergio worked as a muse for Carlota's makeup tutorial.

In "Bad Cluck", Sergio made amends for all the horrible things he did to his deceased friend, Al while he was still alive, so that he could get his ghost to stop haunting the apartment and terrorizing the family. This included him giving up his prized glasses, which he stole, and putting them back on the ghost of his friend, finally restoring balance to the universe.


  • Like every pet in the show, Sergio is named after a famous comic artist. Sergio is named after Sergio Aragonés, who is known for his work on MAD Magazine, and a comic called Groo the Wanderer.
  • Sergio shares many similarities with Iago from Disney’s Aladdin franchise:
    • Both are wisecracking parrots.
    • Both are on-and-off anti-heroes.
    • Both have a similar appearance.
    • Both are mischievous and love tricking people.
    • Both have girlfriends (Priscilla to Sergio, Thundra to Iago).


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