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Pure character assassination. Better than confusing me for that thrice-damned rapist on his sodding throne, I suppose, but please restrain presumptions of nicety. I am a tester of men and a god of difficult choices and a keeper of delicate knowledge. An ass by trade. But, that said, I do have a vested interest in keeping mankind alive and well. They keep me both entertained and employed.
~ The Serpent to Naomi Zairi-Lewitt from "Mud on the Carpet".
Gossip would have you believe that the Library is located on the Serpent's back. This is a metaphor, taken as fact. The Library was built upon the back of the Serpent, who labored to create this sanctuary of knowledge. The Serpent does not even exist as a true being, it is a Platonic ideal of knowledge at any cost.
~ The Black Queen on her book Our Prometheus from "Found in a dusty corner of the Library".
I watch.
I see.
I know.

I am the Serpent
~ From "Serpent Bound \\\ BEAR WITNESS".

The Serpent also known as Nahash and SCP-4343, is an anti-heroic serpent figure in the SCP mythos based on the Serpent from the Bible. He is established as a fundamental figure in the universe, worshipped by the Wanderer's Library and the Serpent's Hand, and the brother of Ananteshesha/SCP-3000.


Possible Origins

Due to lack of canon in the SCP universe, there have been several stories telling the origins of the Serpent. The readers are free to choose whatever origin for their headcanon.

SCP-4840/Historia Europa I

According to Seth, before the creation of the universe there were two opposite forces that helped shape creation. One force was the existence of "IS", creation and reality that existed which took form of the Wanderer's Library, while the other was the reality of "IS NOT", non-existence. The two forces combined their powers to create all of reality allowing Mekhane and Yaldabaoth to seed the newly created universe with life. The remnants of the two forces would then manifest in the form of two brothers, the Serpent and the Eel, which became revered as holy figures by the people of the city of Audapaupadopolis, and its king, Adam el Asem proclaimed to be the sovereign of everything related to "IS".

In the account of Quin of Nore, the Chronicler of the Sky King Idus III von Apollyon, the Serpent was originally one of the nine Paragons created by IS to make IS's dream of creation come true and was named Runheia the Serpent by the Paragon of Names who sacrificied itself to name all of the Paragons. Because she was the Paragon of Knowledge, Runheia was the one who completely understood the dream of IS thanks to her knowledge and in her attempt to make it come true she created Her Eternal Library between IS NOT and the foundation of creation built by the other Paragons. Because the Library housed the Perfect Knowledge, Runheia made sure that people who entered the Library would understand the everything regarding the Paragons which would lead to them to find the Tree of Life Everlasting and steal from it the power of the Paragons. However, after Aella lamented to her sister that this new Knowledge would lead to the usurpation of IS's Dream and the ruination of Their Arrangement, Runheia decided to use another seed from the heart of IS to create the Tree of Perfect Knowledge which contained the single TRUTH that was not found within IS. People could eat the fruit of one of the trees only if they ate had eaten the other's first, causing the Great Paradox to be created. Following the completion of creation, all of the Paragons went their separate ways, with Runheia resting inside the Library, until one day they returned to the Dream of IS after the world would end.

Beneath Two Trees

Nahash was originally a protector of the Tree of Knowledge and kept watch over its secret power on behalf of the All-Mighty. He spoke of all the wonders that came with the Tree's power, the power that would test man's skill and spirit. His sister, Hakhama, was the guardian of the Tree of Life, keeping watch over its gifts.

During the Scarlet King's conquest, Nahash saw him coming from the east, rising out of the Abyss to consume creation. Nahash became frightened by this and, out of fear, acted out of line. He wanted to attack first, so he spoke to Hawwah of the People of the Valley, since she was wiser than her husband, and told her of what would happen. He asked her to use the gifts of the Tree of Knowledge against the Daevites, but she declined.

Nahash then spoke to Qayin, warning him of the king in the east and revealing the secret knowledge to him, teaching him the most powerful magics and spells. However the knowledge became a burden on Qayin, his mind strained from this burden, eventually leading him to striking down his brother, Hevel, with a stone, not killing him, but getting Qayin banished from the valley.

After this, the Daevites took control of Hevel, who became known as Ab-Leshal, and attacked the Valley, killing most of the people while those who were spared were taken as slaves. As Hakhama was shattered during the attack and the Tree of Knowledge burned, Nahash fled, first to the space-tower at Babel, and later on to the Wanderer's Library created by the Brothers Death, where he remained in penance for his participation in these events. Upon seeing that Hawwah had survived the attack after being left for dead, Nahash approached and helped her with her injuries. He then informed her what had happened and what was currently going on, before Hawwah became furious at him for cursing Qayin and abandoning them. Nahash tried to apologize to her, but she then requested him to grant her knowledge of the future since he owed her. He complied and gave her the dark knowledge, and following that he returned to the Library once more.


Before the beggining of time, the Serpent wandered aimlessly through the Nether inhabited by other gods. During his wandering he met the Scarlet King who taken the form a girl and sympathized with him as she was also extremely lonely. After the King asked the Serpent what purpose he wanted he replied that he wanted to learn meaning. Seeing that the Serpent was smarter than most gods the King responded that he should build a library so he could spread his knowledge. The Serpent became convinced and set out to create his library. He went to the two brothers, Yaldabaoth and Mekhane and gave each them gifts in exchange for their help in building his library. The two agreed and Mekhane created the entire Library while Yaldabaoth created the Librarians which would maintain it. The Serpent then went to the Constellation Starfish and asked it grant his library a way for the mortals to enter. The Starfish complied while accepting nothing in exchange and granted the Library the interdimensional roads known as Ways which allowed individuals to enter the Library.

Tree of Alexandria

Shortly after the creation of the Wanderer's Library, the entity known as Alexandria created as gift to her children the tree known as Yggdrasil Progenitor which connected to all of the dead universes and archived every life of each world. However, during the Scarlet King's rampage on creation, Alexandria feared that he would destroy the tree and so she asked the Serpent to help her protect the tree, and the Serpent complied, taking the tree and hiding it in a secret place within the Library.

Serpent's Hand

In ancient times, a warrior cult was formed worshiping the Serpent as the creator of the Library and became known as the Hand of the Serpent. This cult was formed from smart long-lived monks, but eventually as time went on the cult slowly died out, leaving their teachings behind. However, in the modern age, several people came across these teachings which stated that the spread of knowledge was one of the greatest honors that existed and this inspired this group of individuals to christen themselves the New Serpent's Hand. Just like the previous iteration, the new Hand also worshipped the Serpent as the source of knowledge and dedicated their lives to reveal the true nature of the world to humanity, causing them to come into conflict with the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition.


The SCP Foundation eventually found the Serpent residing on SCP-4343-A, an island which can only accessed through a cave in a mountain in Azores, trapped within a marble building where only his head is visible. The Foundation designated the serpent SCP-4343 and found out that the serpent possessed great abnormal powers, mutating native animal life on island into monsters, one of which possibly became SCP-682, and when the serpent opened its eyes, or made sound would cause an anomalous event on reality, which would be referred to as "Black Events". The Foundation tried to interview SCP-4343, but they learned very little due to its cryptic nature.

During its time under the Foundation custody, the Serpent caused several Black Events: In 1999 it improved the lives of 31 civilians; in 2002 an incantation from an unknown source was heard above the city of Mekka, Saudi Arabia, causing mass panic; in 2004 the Serpent improved the recovery of around 20 people who were suffering from deadly diseases; in 2007 it gave 17 civilians in China reality-bending powers, with a few having realized the truth that the Serpent wanted to show; in 2010 it caused the Hekla volcano to produce winged humanoid entities speaking an unintelligible language and seemed to be in a form of ecstasy before completely vanishing.


In an alternate universe, a group of Serpent's Hand members decided to enact a ritual in the Amazonian forest and create an altered Way which would expand itself and engulf the entire world. After successfully executing the ritual, one member of the group came into direct contact with the Serpent who transformed her into a human-serpent hybrid, while the other members died. Under the effects of the Serpent the created Way began growing and converting nearby locations into new sections of the Library. Both the SCP Foundation and the GOC of that universe tried to stop the Way from engulfing the entire Earth, but to no avail. In the end the Way was successful in transforming the entire Earth into a new section of the Wanderer's Library, with the residents being relocated within the Library while the universe became another story archived story.

The Way It Ends

When Calvin Lucien and other members of the Chaos Insurgency began hunting down the entire of the O5 Council in order to heal reality, he and Adam Ivanov entered the Wanderer's Library with the intent of assassinating O5-10.

However, after learning almost all of the information contained within the Wanderer's Library, O5-10 was able to overpower the two insurgents and took the form of the Serpent during confrontation. After Adam used the Spear of the Non-Believer to kill the Overseer, the Serpent arrived at their location and began analyzing the spear it as he was unable to perceive it, before the two insurgents arrived to talk to him.

The Serpent congratulated them on being alive after crossing the boundaries between IS and ISN'T and proceeded to hand the the spear over to them before teleporting them back to the forest where they were able to access the Way to the Library.

The Thing at the Bottom of My Dreams

In an alternate universe, the evil gods the Scarlet King, Yaldabaoth and the Constellation Starfish were able to reach Earth and began causing destruction and chaos on the universe, while the three battled each other. The Serpent seeing that the world was lost decided to save one inhabitant and taking them to the Library so they could evade their universe's demise. After introducing himself to the individual he then asked them if they could help him sort the newly arrived books from another universe.

Possible Endings

When We Came Home

In the tale "When We Came Home", after Mekhane was repaired, Nahash returned from his exile to help his sister and humanity to fight against the Scarlet King. However, his redemption was brief as he was quickly ripped into two by the Scarlet King.

0 Texts Found

The Serpent and the Hand eventually decided to go all in and forcefully grant humanity all of the knowledge. They devoured the knowledge of the Tree and spread it throughout the world in order for humanity to ascend to paradise. However, they did so seemingly in secrecy as one of the Horizon Initiative's holy texts about Saint Manos which prophesied this event became corrupted and lost.


After learning that the Kaiju-like monsters such as LSA-Brasil-01 had returned and began causing chaos on Earth, the Serpent left the Library and decided to confront them. When MTF Eta-5 piloting SCP-5514 were being overwhelmed by some LSAs which achieved antimemetic properties, the Serpent came to their aid and guided the MTF in killing the monsters. Deciding to work together in preventing the world to be destroyed by the LSAs, the Serpent and the MTF went to the coast of Greenland where it would act as bait for LSA-Brasil-01. Soon after, LSA-Brasil-01 arrived and immediately attacked the Serpent. As the two beings struggled with each other, the MTF using SCP-5514, grabbed the evil monster and slammed it on the sea, allowing the Serpent to get freed from its grasp. LSA-Brasil-01 then tried to attack both the Serpent and SCP-5514 with its laser beam, but the MTF were able to evade it by using their shoulder mounted railgun, the Beowulf-Sigurd Rail, as a shield and sacrificing it in the process. The three beings then charged into each other, but the monster was able to use its multiple tentacles to grab both the Serpent and SCP-5514, forcing the MTF to use their plasma wristblade to cut the tentacles off before kicking LSA-Brasil-01 away from them. However, the monster then proceeded to steal SCP-5514's sword and used it to destroy the mech's legs before pinning the Serpent to the ground and releasing a beam to the sky. At that moment the MTF decided to use SCP-5514's solar energy to fire at the monster, successfully disintegrating it top half, killing it for good. In the aftermath, the Serpent and the Global Occult Coalition went on to kill most of the remaining LSAs that were still causing havoc.

Old Kansas Sector

In August 11 2119 in which the world was slowly ending, the Serpent was summoned when SCP-1203 was sacrificed by the Serpent's Hand as part of a ritual. The Serpent was summoned to help reset the world, but this time it decided not to after doing it so many times and then committed suicide by going into the sun. Following its death, the Wanderer's Library was left in disarray and the hive-mind behind the Library's Archivists destroyed.


As its title says, the Serpent resembles a gigantic snake with scales, but other than that is unknown except that it possesses peacock feathers, emerald eyes and is as vast as the mountains or with planetary proportions. It also often seen wearing a pair of reading glasses while in the Library. In SCP-4343's file, it is mentioned that its skin resembles that of a dragon and that it possesses three eyes in the visible side of its face. According to the Librarians of the Wanderer's Library, this appearance isn't its actual appearance but rather one of its many appearances it takes while on Earth.

When interacting with Calvin and Adam, the Serpent took the appearance similar to that of an ordinary Librarian, a tall and lean robed humanoid whose face couldn't be seen, with the only difference being the color of his robe which a more vibrant green than those of other Librarians and was described as possessing a simpler appearance than them.


The Serpent was shown as being enigmatic and cryptic and often tested men with difficult choices, but it does genuinely care for humanity, contrary to the mythology. Being the embodiment of knowledge the Serpent is very wise to an extent, but it appears to be also somewhat of a coward as when the Scarlet King's army conquered its tree, the Serpent fled leaving the People of the Valley on their own. However, the Serpent still wanted to help humanity, using its powers and knowledge to improve their lives and tried to fight the Scarlet King in the final battle.

Powers and Abilities

The Serpent is the embodiment of knowledge and creator of everything that exists. It appears that the Serpent is on a same level of powers as Mekhane and SCP-3000, but it was much weaker when compared to the Scarlet King. As SCP-4343, it was capable of manipulating reality simply by opening its eyes or making a sound, and was also able to manipulate the biology of animal life surrounding it, although it is unknown if it did it willingly or involuntarily. It is presumed that it can also manipulate the "smoke", designated SCP-4343-1 by the Foundation and designated "PROJECT 001" by the Office of Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts. The Serpent would later claim that it didn't actually create the Wanderer's Library or vise versa, but that they had formed a strong symbiosis between each other and their existence depended on the other.




  • The Serpent appears to have been based from the Ophites' interpretation of the serpent from the book of Genesis.
  • The Serpent is not to be confused with neither SCP-722, the actual Jörmungandr from the Norse mythology, SCP-4959 the real Quetzalcoatl from the Mesoamerican culture, or Yaldabaoth's Archons. However, since there is no real canon, it is up to the reader if those characters are in any way related to the Serpent.
  • The name "Nahash" is a Hebrew word which literally translates to "serpent".
  • Famous author Ihp once intended to write an SCP-001 proposal for the Serpent who would have devoured the entire world before scrapping the idea.
  • When the Foundation attempted to kill SCP-682 using the Gate Guardian, 682 implied that he himself was the Serpent, although this creates contradiction. In SCP-CN-1418-A, a Mekhanite library, there was a book which said that the Scarlet King was the Serpent and brother of SCP-3000.
  • Several explorers, including some versions of the Black Queen and Lord Blackwood, tried to find more information about the Serpent, but in the end they came empty handed.
  • In some stories such "The Taking of Dr. Sinclair" and SCP-6000 the Serpent was referred to as a female. This can be because, just like with the other deities, it doesn't have an affixed gender.
  • Elder Rockwell of the Children of the Scarlet King has expressed great hatred towards the Serpent and is dedicated to rid humanity of the Serpent's Seeds.

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