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Sersi is a superheroine from Marvel Comics. She is a member of the race of the Eternals. Compared to most heroic Eternals, she is a rather mischievous and lustful individual who likes having fun above all else. However Sersi is still fundamentally a good person, and she was even a member of the Avengers during the 90's. The character was made by the late legendary author Jack Kirby and she first appeared in The Eternals #3 in September 1976.


Sersi is a member of the Eternals, a species diverted from humanity by experiments conducted by the Celestials one million years ago. She is at least 5,000 years old and became legendary around 1,300 B.C., when the Greek hero Odysseus and his crew, fresh from the Trojan War, came to her island Aeaea. Sersi transformed Odysseus' crewmen into pigs for attempting to menace her. Odysseus, however, managed to ward her off with the aid of the goddess Athena, and Sersi turned his men back to normal. Odysseus spent a year on Aeaea; she also encountered Odysseus' son Telemachus when he came following his father's path. Centuries later, Sersi still considered Telemachus to be the love of her life.

Over the centuries Sersi often interacted with humans, visiting Rome during the reign of Nero, helping Merlin expose an impostor (Merlin Demonspawn) in Camelot, visiting France during the French Revolution, and befriending the English poet Thomas Chatterton.

In recent years, the Celestials returned to Earth to judge humanity, the Eternals, and their other creation, the Deviants. Sersi became involved in the struggle, enjoying the adventure, but caring little for combat. By this time, Sersi had become a famous entertainer in New York, hosting parties at her loft for film stars, super heroes and other influential people. She often entertained with her powers, which her normal human guests believed to be stage magic. Sersi's super-hero friendships eventually led her to join the Avengers in search of adventure and romance, first pursuing Captain Americaand later the Black Knight. Sersi was a sublime yet powerful teammate until she was driven insane by Proctor, an alternate-reality Black Knight whose Earth had been destroyed by his world's Sersi. Sersi eventually slew Proctor and left the Avengers, operating in the extra-dimensional Ultraverse for a time before returning home and regaining her sanity. She continues to live in New York, occasionally aiding the Avengers and her people against their foes, but preferring her life as a socialite.

Powers and Abilities

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Sersi is super strong. She can physically lift about 20 tons with ease (she can supplement her physical strength by psionically levitating heavy objects). Additionally, Sersi possesses the ability to manipulate cosmic energy to augment her life force, granting virtual immortality and invulnerability, the ability to project cosmic energy from her hands or eyes in the form of light, heat, concussive force and possibly other powers. As a Eternal, Sersi's physical abilities (like strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, etc..) are at superhuman levels.

Sersi's greatest skill is the psionic rearrangement of molecular structures of objects, which is far greater then that of any other Eternal. Her abilities are so great that she can actually manipulate matter down to the subatomic level. Sersi's abilities work on both organic and inorganic and there doesn't seem to be a object she cannot affect. Sersi's transformations are usually permanent, unless she herself, another person, or a device that can rearrange or transmute matter undoes them.

Sersi has total mental control over her physical form, giving her invulnerability and immortality; ability to levitate and thus fly at supersonic speed; ability to cast illusions to disguise her appearance and that of others from the perceptions of normal human. Sersi also has the ability to teleport herself and other over great distances but like most Eternals, Sersi find this method of transportation physically unpleasant and uses this power sparingly.