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Seth is the protagonist of the 2007 teen comedy film Superbad. He was played by Jonah Hill, who voiced Snotlout Jorgenson in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

His story

Seth got sent to detention at elementary school due to drawing dozens of phallic images and was passed to Becca. His parents banned him from eating anything that is phallic such as bananas and popsicles. At high school, Seth met Evan and they have been great friends. He wanted to get laid with Jules at her party. He also wanted booze for her party as well as a fake ID. Fogell made a fake ID that has McLovin as a name, causing Seth to telling Fogell that McLovin is a "fairytale name".


  • A majority of Seth's dialogue was improvised by Jonah Hill.
  • Seth is partially based on co-writer Seth Rogen's experiences at high school.