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Yet another opponent unworthy of myblade.
~ Setsuka

Setsuka is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She debuted in Soulcalibur III. Known as The Resolute Avenger. She is a warrior out on a quest to kill Mitsurugi after the latter killed her master.

What lies in her soul is Devotion.


If there is one word that describes Setsuka, it's vengeful. Following the death of her master at the hands of Mitsurugi, Setsuka is hell-bent on killing the samurai for the sinful action. While she herself is aware revenge is often not the right decision, she feels that a sense of justice must be met after the evil deed Mitsurugi committed.

Despite her wrathful demeanor, she also has a more benevolent side. In her Soulcalibur IV ending, she spared Algol, making him choose the path he wished to follow.

After confronting Mitsurugi sometime around the events of Soulcalibur V, her vengeful side also diminished, after realizing that killing Mitsurugi would yield nothing positive. She would go on to share this lesson to Patroklos Alexander, whose personality also changes as a result of this moral.


Don't you dare think... that this will be easy.
~ Setsuka
Stand up. I will cut you down as many times as I whish.
~ Setsuka
This had better be worth my time.
~ Setsuka
Curse you weakness.
~ Setsuka
Fear me for I am a demon.
~ Setsuka
I have no need, for something like this.
~ Setsuka
Too slow!
~ Setsuka
Let madness take you.
~ Setsuka



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