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The "early bird" gets the worm! Let's get 'em.
~ Setsuna Tokage.

Setsuna Tokage, known professionally as Lizardy, is a minor character in the 2014 Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia and its 2016 anime series adaptation of the same name.

She is a Japanese girl with a Quirk called "Lizard Tail Splitter" that allowed her to split her body into roughly fifty fragments that she could control telekinetically. She eventually gained admittance into the hero studies course of the most prestigious hero school in both Japan and the whole world U.A. High School.

She was sorted into Class 1-B with nineteen other students who also sought to become Pro Heroes. Unfortunately, the school's other hero studies class Class 1-A occasionally faced off against actual villains, providing them with more battle experience than their Class B counterparts. Many members of 1-B felt a sense of rivalry and jealousy towards 1-A for their superiority.

She is voiced by Aoi Yūki in the Japanese dub and Dawn M. Bennett in the English dub.


Setsuna is a young girl who stood at five feet and two inches tall. Her dark green hair reached just past her shoulders and grew wavier and thinner the lower down it went. There was also a small clump of hair of different length to the rest that hung over her forehead. Her large dark green eyes, that matched the color of her hair, were noticeably upturned and had long lower eyelashes. Befitting of her general lizard aesthetic, Setsuna's teeth were long and pointed.

She was usually seen wearing the U.A. school uniform that consisted of a long-sleeved white dress shirt, a dark bluey-green pleated short skirt, knee-high black socks, brown shoes, a light-grey blazer with dark bluey-green stripes, and a red tie. During some physical activities, Setsuna would wear the U.A. physical education uniform that consisted of navy-blue tracksuit bottoms with a vertical white stripe going up the legs, and a navy-blue tracksuit jacket with white lines that formed the letters "U" and "A" on its torso. She wore pink trainers with her P.E. uniform.

Setsuna Tokage's hero costume consisted of a skin-tight navy-purple full bodysuit that had a scaly design to it, a navy-purple mask that covered her eyes and had the same scaly design, black knee-high boots, a black waistline belt with a jewel bedecked in its center, and black fingerless gloves that had three-part orange wristguards. The costume was infused with some of Lizardy's own cells, ensuring that it could regenerate when her fragments were destroyed.



Setsuna Tokage was a Japanese girl living in the Saitama Prefecture who was born into a superhuman society where a majority of the population had superpowers called Quirks. To make sure society didn't fall into chaos, a law was passed ensuring that only licensed Pro Heroes could use their quirks in public. These Pros were tasked with the protection and wellbeing of society and often battled against Villains who used their quirks for evil. Setsuna Tokage was born with a versatile quirk called "Lizard Tail Splitter" that allowed her to split her body into numerous fragments that she could control.

Like many young people, Tokage wanted to be a Pro Hero when she grew up. Her powerful quirk coupled with her tactical intellect and leadership skills earned her recognition despite her young age. As a teenager aged fifteen, Setsuna applied for a place in the prestigious Japanese U.A. High School. The school was considered to be the best place in the world for those who aspired to become heroes due to its impressive hero studies course. Unlike most, Setsuna got into the school on account of recommendations rather than by passing the entrance exam. Setsuna was sorted into Class 1-B of the hero studies course that had the Pro Hero Vlad King as their homeroom teacher.

U.A. Sports Festival

Tokage quickly distinguished herself, earning the faith and respect of everyone in her class. During training, 1-B's hero course counterparts Class 1-A were attacked by the Villain Tomura Shigaraki and his group the League of Villains, although no one was killed. Many members of 1-B began seeing Class A as their rivals after the attack as they envied the combat experience they had thanks to the League. Tokage was one of the few members of her class who didn't feel resentment towards her fellow class. Shortly after the attack, the U.A. Sports Festival was set to arrive. The festival was the largest sporting event in the world that consisted of U.A. students competing against each other in various athletic and martial activities.

On the day of the festival, the R-Rated Hero: Midnight announced that the first event of the games would be an obstacle race. Tokage and her classmates were able to make it through to the second round, with Setsuna herself placing 39th out of the 42 on the progress. The next event was a cavalry battle where teams of two to four would sit on top of each other and try to steal the headbands worth point values of other teams. Setsuna teamed up with her classmates Itsuka Kendo and Reiko Yanagi. Ultimately however, Setsuna's team didn't make it through the cavalry battle and Tokage was eliminated from the games. She watched the rest of the festival from the stands.

Term One Ending

After the Sports Festival, Setsuna chose the hero name "Lizardy" when her class was told to pick their alter-egos. Later, the class was given an end of term one assessment where they were tasked with pairing up and defeating one of the Pro Heroes that worked as U.A. Faculty. With the exception of Neito Monoma, every member of Tokage's class passed the exam including her.

Provisional Hero License & the U.A. School Festival

"Romeo and Juliet and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the King."

Not long after the encounter with the League, Class 1-B took the Provisional Hero License Exam. Those who passed the gruelling test were awarded with a provisional hero license that would allow them to make use of their quirks in public until they could secure a full license. Despite the fact that the fifty percent pass rate of previous years had dropped significantly, every single member of Class 1-B passed the Provisional License Exam including Tokage.

Later on in the school year, the U.A. School Festival occurred. The festival differed from the Sports Festival as ii celebrated cultural practices rather than athletic ones. It essentially functioned like an ordinary school festival, with each U.A. class contributing in someway. For the festival Class 1-B decided to produce a play called "Romeo and Juliet and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the King" that was actually a pastiche of several other fictional works.

Tokage participated in the play as an actress where she played an an amazon character.

Powers & Abilities

Setsuna splitting herself into chasing Bakugo.

  • Lizard Tail Splitter: Setsuna's Quirks allows her to split her body apart into various pieces and control said pieces telekinetically. The high speed and small size of the parts made them difficult to target, and although they were weak individually, the parts were difficult to defend against when numerous pieces attacked simultaneously. Any part of her body could be separated, although she still needed a core body to operate with which usually consisted of her head and chest. While split, her core would float similarly to the pieces she was controlling, essentially allowing her to fly. Interestingly, if any of Tokage's organs were separated from her she could still function as though they were there, such as being able to talk whilst only being a floating mouth. By the time of the Joint Training Battle, Setsuna could only split her body into around fifty pieces. In the event that a fragment stayed away from Setsuna's core for too long it would cease to function permanently.
    • Regeneration: If a fragment of her body was destroyed or became unusable while separated from her, it would regenerate over time. However, there was a limit to the number of pieces Setsuna could regenerate at one time as the process was physically exhausting for Tokage. She preferred to recall pieces when possible rather than letting them time out or be destroyed as it meant she would have to spend less energy on regeneration. Her hero costume was constructed from her own cells meaning it could regenerate alongside her destroyed body parts.





  • Her Quirk has shared similarities to the Bara Bara no Mi, a Devil Fruit used by Buggy the Clown from the long-running Shonen Jump anime One Piece.

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