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Shadowmere is a horse who was owned by Lucien Laschance, a member of Dark Brotherhood. Shadowmere is a immortal dark horse with red eyes and is also one of the fastest and most durable horses of the Elder Scrolls series.


If the Dragonborn decides to join the Dark Botherhood, they will eventually be given a quest to track down the Night Mother's watcher, Cicero by the leader, Astrid. To reach them, Astrid loans them Shadowmere in order to reach where he is suspected to be hiding (which is at an old sanctuary just on the outskirts of Dawnstar). Once they complete the quest, whether they spared or killed Cicero, Astrid will reward the Dragonborn with Shadowmere as a their new steed.

In combat, Shadowmere proves to be much more promising than standard horses. While her attack power is no different from a regular steed, she is however nearly invincible when absorbing damage in combat, only falling dead when she falls from a high elevation (such as Bard's Leap Summit) or withstanding excruciating amounts of damage in combat (such as the "moon launch" of Giants).


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