Shaheen (Tekken 7)

Shaheen is a hero in the Tekken series who made his debut in Tekken 7 as one of the new playable characters.


Shaheen is a private military contractor bodyguard by trade with a spotless track record of successful jobs. When a close friend in the oil industry mysteriously dies, Shaheen scrutinizes the official report that he died accidentally. This is only fueled when G Corporation buys out his PMC, causing several of its key members to depart. Sensing a cover up, he seeks out the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7 for answers.


Shaheen has brown eyes and short dark brown hair with a mustache and pretty thick facial hair. His head is covered with a long red and white checkered shemagh and a black agal. He also wields a scimitar around his waist. He wears an off-white military uniform with a black belt tucked into his uniform, aqua blue pants and black pointed shoes.


Shaheen appears to be a calm and collected individual with a strong sense of justice. However, he is also humble and forgiving, believing that revenge is not the answer and that even people as diabolical as Kazuya deserve a second chance.


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