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Shakes is the main hero in Supa Strikas frnachise. Passion and curiosity get him into tricky situations. Skill and determination get him out of them.


Shakes is the youngest and the lead striker for the Super League's well-known team, Supa Strikas. Shakes is an African football player who is determined to get his team at the top, and for them to staythere. Shakes is best known for his key move, the "bicycle kick" and the Knuckleball, and other great achievements.

Shakes is formerly from Soweto, in the area of Johannesburg. He is the son of the previous football player for Supa Strikas, Jomo (who wore the same jersey number that his son has at present, #10). Shakes is close and childhood friends with Spenza, who is always keeping a look-out for any sign of trouble during a match. His relationships towards each of his teammates are indeed well, especially with El MatadorTwisting TigerKlaus and others as well.