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Shakey is one of supporting of the Alpha and Omega franchise.

He is puphood friend of Humphrey, Salty, and Mooch, and one of Omega Wolves.

He is voiced by Kevin Sussman in the first film and Chris Smith in the sequels.


He is dark grey wolf and have yellow eyes.


He is a bit of a romantic, as he knows the mating ritual of wolves.

He's also attracted to the vegetarians, Reba and Janice.


  • Unlike Salty and Mooch, Shakey doesn't appear in any of the sequels.
  • He share same second voice actor with Mooch, Marcel, Paddy for sequels.
  • One page of the original script (which, at this moment in time, can only be viewed by watching "The Making of Alpha and Omega" on the DVD) contains a sentence where Shakey is described as being the "nerd" of the group, which is then emphasised when he talks about the velocity of hill-sledding (the scene in question is the opening scene). The velocity line was obviously removed from the movie, and there may have been other deleted lines to enhance Shakey's original character trait. 



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