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Enough risking our lives for a little girl who's gone! Enough living next to a barn full of things that are trying to kill us. Enough. Rick, it ain't like it was before! Now if y'all want to live, if you want to survive, you got to fight for it! I'm talking about fighting right here, right now!
~ Shane to the group after killing one of Herschel's undead family member.

Shane Walsh was a major character from The Walking Dead. He is Rick Grimes' partner in the Kings County Police Department, who looks after after Rick's family - and has an affair with his wife, Lori - following the zombie apocalypse. He later becomes the main antagonist in Season 2, when he tries to kill Rick, take over his group, and take Lori for himself. He returns as the posthumous antagonist in Season 3 and the posthumous protagonist in Season 9.

He is portrayed by Jon Bernthal, who also portrays Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis in Fury, and The Punisher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Season 1

Shane and Rick are chasing after a criminal and they get into a gun fight in which Rick gets shot, ending up in the hospital. Rick's heart stops beating and Shane thinks Rick is dead, so he looks after Rick's family. Shane and Lori begin an affair, and Shane becomes a surrogate father to Rick's son Carl.

Rick survives, however, and eventually makes it back to Shane's campsite, with fellow survivors Daryl Dixon, T-Dog and Glenn Rhee in tow. Shane is relieved to Rick alive, but becomes jealous and resentful when he sees how quickly Lori and Carl forget about him. When Lori tells Rick she is pregnant, she omits the fact that Shane is the father.

When Rick decides they should head towards the CDC's Atlanta compound, Shane tries to ask Lori to convince Rick to change his mind, but Lori backs her husband. Dale Horvath sees Shane contemplating shooting Rick, and keeps his eye on him. The group meets Dr. Jenner, the last remaining researcher at the CDC, who allows them to stay. During the night, Shane gets drunk and attempts to rape Lori, but she fights back.

The group learns that the CDC is running on emergency power, and will be destroyed when the fuel runs out as a means to destroy the infectious samples, and they are forced to flee just before that happens. Rick decides to lead the survivors towards Fort Benning.

Season 2

Shane leads the search party when Carol Peletier's daughter Sophia goes missing. During the search, Carl is accidentally shot by a deer hunter named Otis. While Rick takes Carl to the nearest doctor, Hershel Greene, Shane forces Otis to come with him to a hospital, where they can get medical supplies. On their way back, Shane becomes impatient with Otis slowing them down and shoots him in the leg, leaving him to die when walkers descend upon him. Shane returns to the house and delivers the supplies, and Hershel begins to treat Carl. Shane attends the makeshift funeral for Otis and lies that he sacrificed himself so Carl could live.

Meanwhile, Shane grows increasingly unstable as he pines for Lori and Carl, wanting Rick's family for himself. During an argument with Rick, Shane discovers that Hershel's barn is full of walkers. Shane insists that the entire herd needs to be put down, over protest from Hershel and Rick. Finally, in a moment of frustration, Shane breaks the lock on the barn door, releasing the walkers, and kills them all, except for the last one - Sophia, to whom he is too attached to shoot. Finally, Rick puts her down.

Later, Rick and Shane find a criminal named Randall, and they get into a fight over what to do with him; Shane then wants to kill him, but Rick wants him alive. Shane throws a pipe wrench at Rick, but Rick dodges and it breaks a window, allowing walkers to climb through and overrun the camp. Shane accidentally traps himself and Randall inin the bus, but Rick saves them at the last minute. Once back at the camp, however, Shane takes Randall into the woods and snaps his neck, and tells the others that Randall had escaped.

The group goes into the woods and looks for Randall. Daryl discovers he turned into a walker, and puts him down. Meanwhile Shane, now completely unhinged, tries to kill Rick, but Rick manages to distract long enough to get the better of him and stab him to death. When Shane turns into a walker, Carl shoots and kills him.

Posthumous appearances

Season 3

When Rick's group attacks the community of Woodbury in Season 3, Rick, who has been struggling with coming to grips with reality after Lori dies in childbirth, thinks he sees Shane among the Woodbury soldiers attacking his friends. Rick kills him and approaches the body, only to find it was another Woodbury soldier.

Season 9

Shane returns in a badly wounded Rick's hallucination as he struggles to lead a herd of walkers away from the construction camp, happy to see what Rick has become and tells him to continue fighting.

Shane's corpse appears alongside other past characters before finding Sasha Williams in his hallucination.


TV Series

Season 1

  • 1X01: "Days Gone Bye"
  • 1x02: "Guts"
  • 1x03: "Tell It to the Frogs"
  • 1x04: "Vatos"
  • 1x05: "Wildfire"
  • 1x06: "TS-19"

Season 2

  • 2x01: "What Lies Ahead"
  • 2x02: "Bloodletting"
  • 2x03: "Save the Last One"
  • 2x04: "Cherokee Rose"
  • 2x05: "Chupacabra"
  • 2x06: "Secrets"
  • 2x07: "Pretty Much Dead Already"
  • 2x08: "Nebraska"
  • 2x09: "Triggerfinger"
  • 2x10: "18 Miles Out"
  • 2x11: "Judge, Jury, Executioner"
  • 2x12: "Better Angels"

Season 3

  • 3x08: "Made to Suffer" (Hallucination)

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