The Shanghai Doll or Shanghai for short, is Alice Margatroid's doll. She (it?) is the only doll that Alice is known to have a name. Generally "Shanghai" refers to the doll that Alice always accompanies with her. However the relationship between her and Alice in canon is vague and not clear. Her images of characteristics (including the name, appearance and personality) come from secondary works. The name "Shanghai Doll" first appeared in Alice's Curse "Eerily Luminous Shanghai Dolls" spell cards (spell cards 041, 042, and 043 of Perfect Cherry Blossom).


  • (Touhou 10.5) (While part of Alice's portrait) Same as below except her bows are colored a lighter red and her dress is even darker in color. She appears to be holding a razor.
  • (Touhou 7.5) (While part of Alice's portrait during conversation) She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She also wears a long dark purple dress with a white apron and white shoulders, and matching dark purple shoes. There is a large red bow in her hair and a smaller matching bow around her neck. (While in her spell card during gameplay).
  • (Touhou 7) Same as above except her dress and shoes are dark red and she has a set of four fairy-like wings.



  • It may be purely coincidental that Shanghai and Alice are the creations of Team Shanghai Alice.
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