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Hero Overview

Shaun is a small sheep who made his debut in the 1995 Wallace & Gromit short film A Close Shave, in which he served as the deuteragonist. He later appeared as a minor character in Wallace and Gromit: Cracking Contraptions episode, "Shopper 13", and after that, he went on to become the titular main protagonist in the 2007 show with the same name, the 2015 film Shaun the Sheep Movie, it's 2019 sequel A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, one of the two main protagonists (alongside Timmy) of the 2015 short Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas and the titular main protagonist of the 2020 Netflix series, Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom.

He is voiced by Justin Fletcher, who also voices Shaun's little cousin, Timmy.


A Close Shave

Shaun appears in this short as a young sheep who along with his flock had been rustled by Preston and his human accomplice. Shaun breaks free from the van carrying the sheep and ends up in Wallace and Gromit's home. Preston wishes to pursue Shaun, but is stopped by his accomplice. Wallace takes in Shaun and uses his Knit-O-Matic to clean him up. However, the machine malfunctions and ends up shearing Shaun and makes his wool into a jumper, which is later put on Shaun to keep him warm.

The following day, Shaun accompanies Wallace and Gromit on their job of window washing. Whilst Wallace is talking to Wendolene and Gromit is washing a clock, Shaun wanders off and is captured by Preston the pet dog of Wendolene and is put into a van with other sheep. Gromit frees the other sheep from the van and finds Shaun tied inside, but frees him. Moments later, Preston drives off in the van with Gromit still inside.

Shaun and the flock later aid Wallace in breaking Gromit out of jail after he is framed for the sheep rustling.

Later that night, Shaun and the flock hide in a field with Wallace and Gromit. Just then, Preston arrives with Wendolene (revealed to have been Preston's accomplice, albeit unwilling) lure the flock (sans Shaun) into their van to be taken away to be made into dog food. Preston notices Shaun and attempts to approach him, but is stopped by Wendolene, who states that she does not want anymore rustling. Preston turns on Wendolene and puts her and Shaun into the van with the other sheep.

Preston brings the flock along with Wendolene and Wallace to the wool shop and starts to put them into his version of the Knit-O-Matic. Shaun manages to escape and sends Preston into the machine, which strips away his fur, revealing him to be a robot dog, who had been invented by Wendolene's father to protect her, but he turned out evil. Preston attempts to kill Shaun, but Gromit manages to get Shaun out of the way.

As Wallace, Gromit, Wendolene, Preston, and the Flock head towards a mincing machine, Shaun swings foward and knocks Preston into the machine, jamming it and saving the others.

Shaun is last seen helping himself to Wallace's cheese, much to Wallace's dismay.

Shaun the Sheep

Shaun serves as the titular main protagonist of this series, which takes place some time after A Close Shave.

In this series, Shaun serves as the leader of a flock of sheep living in Mossy Bottom Farm.


Shaun is basically a mischievous sheep and the alpha who leads the flock to many scrapes and scraps and sometimes messes up the barn. He has a good side too though, as he saves the day from danger like stopping the pigs and cat from causing trouble, stopping Trumper and saving the farm from Hector and his two minions.


Shaun is a small sheep with a thin body and the only one with fluff on his head.



Shaun and Bitzer are good friends. However, at the same time, Bitzer remains loyal to the farmer and is also a stickler for following procedure and the rules, so this often puts the two at odds whenever Shaun and the rest of the Flock want to simply have fun or are causing mischief. Therefore, most of the time, he tries to stop the flock from doing what they want to do. Other times, however, he shows that he's not so above it all and actually joins in on their antics. Thsi extend to the movie where for most of it, Bitzer blames Shaun for all the trouble that ensues, including the Farmer getting lost in the city and losing his memory, but over the course of it, he also gradually begins to respect his efforts to make up for his mistakes, with him even sharing a hug with him ner the end aftereverything has been set right. Therefore, they may often have a rather antagonistic relationship due to their conflicting interests and very different personalities, but they still show time and time that they really do care about each other and are very close when it comes down to it.

The Farmer

In the series, there is not much information given about the relationship with the Farmer since while he's around, Shaun and the others try to act like normal sheep. In the film, they expanded on this a bit more by showing that Shaun was like a son to him growing up. However, their relationship soured as Shaun got older due to the Farmer constantly making him and the rest of the Flock do monotonous chores every single day without considering how tedious it was becoming for them. Therefore, Shaun hatched a scheme so they could put him to sleep and finally have a day off. Unfortunately, this went awry and the trailer they put him in ended up rolling away and taking him all the way to the city, after which he also loses his memory due to suffering a head injury.

Shaun then mounts a rescue to bring him back since the farm quickly devolves into chaos without him around, and over the course of the film, Shaun begins to miss him very much due to gradually beginning to appreciate how, despite his unintentional insensitivity, he genuinely cared for them like his children. In fact, when Shaun initially tracks him down to a hair salon where he becomes a local celebrity and he doesn't recognize him, he becomes so hurt that he actually cries when he shoos him away. Thankfully, he, Bitzer and the rest of the Flock eventualyl come up with a plan to get him back to Mossy Bottom, and eventually, the Farmer remembers who is he when they get back, even saving Shaun from being thrown into a quarry by Trumper, an obsessed, overzealous animal control worker who, by the end of movie tries to kill them all.

After defeating him, the Farmer makes a more conscious effort to not work the Flock so hard and give them a more balanced schedule, so the first thing he and Bitzer do is get rid of their schedule the following day to simply take it off, relax and play for once. It can likely be assumed that their relationship improved a lot from then on.


At first, Shaun was pretty terrifed of Trumper due to the latter being a rather overzealous and cruel animal control worker who catches any stray animals he finds and treats them poorly due to harboring a disproportionate hatred towards them. He started tracking him and the rest of the Flock as soon as they travelled to the city to find and bring back the Farmer, so he was constantly trying to evade him, even convincing the other to dress in human disguises primarily to throw him off their trail. However, over the course of the movie, Shaun begins to stand up to him more, especially after he captured him, Bitzer and Slip. After he tricked him into coming into their cell and took his keys, which allowed him to lock him in the same cell he put them in and escape with the others, Trumper developed a much more intense hatred for him and the others, and after he is left out by a couple of other people, he pursues them with the intention of outright killing them. This culminates in him obsessively stalking them all the way back to the farm, and when they hide from him in a shed due to seeing how insanely murderous he has become, he uses a tractor to try pushing the shed, and all of them in it, into a nearby rock quarry. However, Shaun manages to save the Farmer, Bitzer, Slip and the rest of the Flock by jumping through a window and knocking Trumper off the tractor just before he can push them off the edge of the cliff, and reverse the tractor's course to pull them back to safety. Trumper, however, still tries to murder Shaun by grabbing him and throwing him into the quarry, but thankfully, he's saved by the Farmer, who had just regained his memory of who he is after losing it for much of the movie. After this, Trumper is defeated and loses his job after the authorities likely found out about his abusive treatment towards all the stray animals he was capturing and containing, so Trumepr ceased to become a threat to him and the others. However, it is still safe to say that Trumper is the closest thing Shaun has ever had to an arch-nemesis.


  • Shaun has two arch-nemesis, his former friend, Hector, and the animal container, Trumper.
  • Shaun appears as a Mystery Mushroom costume in Super Mario Maker, and is unlocked by clearing the Event Course "Shaun's Mossy Mole Mischief", which is based on the show.
  • A Shaun toy makes an appearance in the 2011 Aardman/Sony Pictures film Arthur Christmas in the scene where Steve Claus is in Gwen's house and accidentally steps on it.


  • Justin Fletcher (1995-present)


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