Shawn was a character from Starz TV series Power and is portrayed by Sinqua Walls.


He is a seen as a driver for the protagonist, drug lord and nightclub owner James St. Patrick AKA Ghost and occasionally drives his wife Tasha who flirts with him, when she sees Ghost talking to Angela Valdez she starts mastibating herself towards Shawn which Shawn starts developing feelings for her.

He is visiting his father in prison Kanan (played by rap star 50 Cent), he tells him that he is now driving for Ghost, later in the season 1 finale Shawn is picking his father up while he is released on parole and Kanan wants Ghost dead.

When Shawn is later on season 2 driving Ghost to Angela, he doesn't like that Ghost is having an affair with his long lost love Angela, but doesn't tell Tasha because he doesn't want to see her upset. After his father tells him not to trust Tasha, Shawn starts dating LaKeisha (Tasha's best friend) but later starts sleeping with Tasha for both revenge and lust.

Kanan sends Shawn to assassinate Ghost but fails twice on the second assassination attempt Ghost reasons with Shawn why he put his father in jail. Shawn also tells Ghost that he was sleeping with his wife and tries to shoot but Ghost overpowers him and tells him to go far away.


Instead of complying, he confronts his father and his father shoots him dead after saying he doesn't deserve to be his son.

After Shawn's death, Tasha and Tariq blame Ghost for his death, but Ghost tells him what happened and Ghost explains to Tasha what really happened, but Tasha doesn't believe him and Tariq has a conversation with Dre that Ghost really cared about Shawn that Ghost will never kill him.