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Shellington Sea Otter is the Octopod's marine biologist with a Scottish accent. He's a cute, nerdy sea otter who loves doing field research and working in his lab.


Shellington's easily distracted by rare plants and animals, but his knowledge of the ocean is a big help in Octonaut missions. Shellington Sea Otter is the field researcher of the Octonauts He likes to do research on the animals and plants of the ocean.

Though he may be knowledgeable about marine life, Shellington is a terrible driver and has crashed a few of the GUPs. When out on missions, he's usually sitting in the back or in the passenger seat, and for good reason.

Some of his talents include playing the harp, golfing, sleeping during missions, crashing the GUPs, and being humorous.

Shellington's room on the Octopod also reflects his interest in ocean life. Just like Tweak, Shellington appears to sleep where he works so his room doubles as the ship's lab. The shelves are filled with many different samples that he has collected while out on missions. This is where he is usually found, viewing samples through his microscope. When not in his room, he is also found in his seat up in HQ where he assists Dashi with the ship's computers.

In both the original UK version of the show and the US one, Shellington has a Scottish accent.


His fur is brown, with some spiky looking fur hanging down over his forehead, and a sand colored face. He's normally seen wearing a waterproof bag, and wears a pair of blue boots and a blue hat with the Octonauts' logo onit. He's usually seen holding his favorite magnifying glass as well. Of all the Octonauts, he is the only one, other than Peso, who has a mouth that doesn't have a peanut-shaped "mustasche" as some people call it. His pajama outfit includes green plaid slippers and a striped green nightcap with a fluffy pom-pom on the end.

Other Outfits

  • Deep Sea Suit
  • Tuxedo
  • Pajamas
  • Snow Suit

Octo Alert

Shellington is found in his science lab for the Octo Alert and Launch pad.


  • "Jumping Jellyfish!"
  • "Jumping Comb Jelly!" (The Giant Jelly)
  • "Fascinating!"
  • "Amazing!"
  • "Look at this!"
  • "Of course!"
  • "Of course! I should have known!" (The Mudskippers)
  • "Octonauts, to the Jelly Bay!" (The Immortal Jellyfish)
  • "You're standing on my foot!"
  • "Right away!"
  • "I must investigate further." (The Remipedes)
  • "Jumping immortal jellyfish!" (The Immortal Jellyfish)
  • "Don't worry, I'll get to the tooth, I mean, truth!" (The Cookiecutter Sharks)
  • "You're a remipede." (The Remipedes)
  • Captain, Kwazii, Peso, What are you do..... What am I......oh! (Octonauts and the Hippos)
  • "Right, I'll need my nightcap, oh, I mean my notecap, oh I mean my notebook." (The Immortal Jellyfish)


  • Shellington seems to fall asleep as he research day and night at the lab. It was confirmed in Octonauts and The Crab and Urchin. as well as Octonauts and the Jellyfish Bloom.
  • Shellington also has a prefference for kelp cakes and clam sandwhiches Octonauts and the Jellyfish bloom.
  • Shellington seems to get easily distracted and is the worst driver there is on the Octopod. Octonauts and the Remipedes.
  • Shellington is allergic to red sea urchins.

Other friends

  • Remipedes
  • Garden Eels
  • Bowhead Whales
  • Baby Snails
  • Vegimals
  • Hatchet-fishes
  • Coelacanth
  • Hammerhead Shark Pups


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