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You saved my life. I want to thank you. Please rest for a bit. Please? Good. Follow me. We'll see my house soon.
~ Shenhua to Ryo.

Shenhua Ling is one of the deuteragonists in the Shenmue video game series. She is a mysterious girl. Her name can also be translated as Sha Hua. She is named after the flower of the Shenmue tree located outside her house. Though her presence is shrouded in mystery, Ryo Hazuki's fate is deeply influenced by her and the two share a special bond together.


Shenhua was long lived in Bailu Village in Guilin her entire life with her adoptive father who is her only family.

While Shenhua was told her real parents died and she doesn't remember them or even how they died. As well as a child, Shenhua would throw tantrums because she wanted a mother and brothers and sisters.

She plants vegetables in the garden and feeds the goats. But she did not go to school and if she needs to know anything, that she has talks to her adoptive father and the other villagers.


Due to her lifestyle and background, Shenhua is unfamiliar with many concepts, such as what Japan is, what people elsewhere in the world eat for cuisine, etc.




  • She is zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a A blood type.
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