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Shep is the deuteragonist of the anime movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. He is an alien soldier who went to Earth to rescue a band who was abducted from his planet by a human obsessed with power. He has a platonic love for the bassist of the band Stella.


Shep is seen cleaning the outside of his ship, singing to "Digital Love". After finishing, he goes inside and rests on his bed, fantasizing about Stella, the bassist of a pop band on his planet. He eventually gets an transmission telling him that the pop band has been kidnapped. Shep pursues the ship that kidnapped the pop band through a wormhole and to Earth before crashing.

Shep dons a cloak and goes through a city to find the pop band. To his horror, he finds out from looking at a poster and a music video that is being transmitted onto a public TV that the pop band has been turned into humans and have been mind-controlled into playing as a band known as the Crescendolls.

Shep glides over a concert performed by the Crescendolls and uses a device to disable the mind-control chip implanted into glasses of Arpegius, Baryl, and Octave. As he is about to disable Stella's, the band manager, Earl de Darkwood steps in the way of the device as the three other members escape. As Shep is driving an escape van consisting of the band members, one of Earl's guards shoots through the van and into Shep.

Baryl and Octave are later sent by Shep to save Stella. At an award ceremony, Baryl disables the mind-control chip and leads Stella out of the ceremony and Octave drives Stella and Baryl to a wounded Shep who is resting in an alleyway. When they get there, Shep reveals to them and Arpegius that they used to be a pop band on an alien planet. Stella falls in love with Shep and they share a romantic scene before Shep dies. Shep is buried next to a tree out in the field.

The pop band manages to find Earl's plan to conquer the universe and manage to put an end to it. They then retrieve their original physical appearances back and, with the help with humans on Earth, travel back to their home planet. While traveling through the wormhole, the spirit of Earl attacks their ship, but is fought by the spirit of Shep, freeing the ship. Back on the home planet, a statue of Shep is erected in his honor.

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