Sheriff Bart is the main protagonist of the classic Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles. He is portrayed by Cleavon Little.


Originally he was a slave working on the railroad until he sent to be hanged after hitting Taggert, the henchman of Hedley LaMarr, on the head with a shovel. But LaMarr decides to use Bart in a scheme to drive the people of Rock Ridge out of town by making him sheriff knowing that they would be disgusted by his race and color. At first it appears that Lamarr's scheme is working because the citizens of Rock Ridge reject Bart as Sheriff because of his color and his only friend is a drunken gunslinger named Jim. But when LaMarr's gigantic henchman, Mongo comes to town, he manages to defeat him by giving him a bomb in the form of a box of candy a la Looney Tunes. After this, the people of Rock Ridge finally accept him for who he is and say that they are sorry for the way they treated him before.

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