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Are you crazy?
~ Sheriff to Stiles Stilinski in Fury

Beacon County’s Sheriff Stilinski is the father of Stiles Stilinski, best friend of Scott McCall on MTV’s, Teen Wolf.

Season 1

He struggled to solve what appear to be a series of deadly animal attacks. He would often go to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to get an idea of what could have caused the attack. However, Dr. Deaton never really gives him a clear answer, which makes Stilinski suspicious of him.

He interrogates Adrian Harris about info he gave on how to commit arson and not get caught. Harris also draws a picture of a necklace to help him find the woman. Eventually, he realizes that they all seem to be connected to the arson at Derek Hale’s family home some years earlier.

He is a single father, having lost his wife in a manner that has yet to be explained. When Stiles gets him drunk, it becomes clear that he deeply loved and misses his wife.

He pieces together that the Hale fire was indeed arson. At the Hale House he finds the body of Kate Argent and the necklace connecting her to the crime.

Season 2

He headed the search for Lydia after her disapperance from Beacon Hills Hospital. He questioned Isaac Lahey and Jackson after Isaac's father was killed.

He was removed from his post as Sheriff because Stiles behavior was reflecting badly on the county. Specifically, because Stiles stole the department's van and was placed under a restraining order.

Along with Stiles, Scott, and Mrs. McCall he is held hostage at the police station. After the police station incident, he's looked on as a hero and is reinstated as sheriff. Later he is seen cheering Stiles during the lacrosse championship.

After Stiles comes home after going missing at the game, he embraces his son. When Lydia leaves Stilinski has a heart to heart talk with Stiles. He tells him that when everything seemed hopeless, Stiles was the "hero" at the game.


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