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Andy Simpson as seen when fighting Charles

Sherrif Andy Simpsons is a character in 1992 film Sleepwalkers. He is the police whom being the loving owner for Clovis, and his death at hands of Charles, one of the Sleepwalkers, not only left Clovis in vengeful grief, but also alarmed other cats in the town about their presence.

Role in Movie


At one point in his life, he adopted Clovis presumably when he was a kitten and always bring him wherever he goes. His close relationship with Clovis made the cat feels that Andy is the father figure for him.

First Encounter with Disguised Sleepwalker

He and Clovis were seen for the first time in the movie playing together inside his car before Charles, whom drives his car in the very high speed. Realized that Charles was driving too fast, both of them decided to give chase. Clovis meows to supporting him to chase the car, and even warned him when Charles trick both of them to crached on an oncoming truck. During the chase, Charles even nearly hit the children, much to their frustation. When they finally catching up Charles, the disguised Sleepwalker mocks mocks Andy until Clovis raise his head, where upon seeing him, inevitabley temporary ruined the Sleepwalker's disguise.

Later that night, he told his superiors about his strange encounter, but they didn't believe him.

Final Encounter and Death

Andy Simpson's tragic death

The next day, Andy and Clovis later stumbles upon Charles's car parked near the cemetery. He feels excited as he now had a chance to bring the car's driver to justice. But then, just as he came out, he met Tanya whom, nearly killed by Charles, sough for his aid. He reassures her that she will be fine, but Charles suddenly attacked by shove a pensil through his skull, tossed him aside, and resume to kill her by dragged her from the car. Still with a pencil stuck on his skull, he stopped Charles by shooting him, which only insult the Sleepwalker that took the gun away, and shot him on the chest, killed him.


His death has enciting Clovis' wrath, whom charged at him and severly mutilated his face. The cat later mourns on his dead body, before left to sought aid from his friends to avenge his death, which eventually succeed and save the town in process.


He is the police whom being both the authority figure in the town and the loving father figure for Clovis.


  • He is similar with Danny Archuleta from Predator 2, as both were characters and the police member that the main hero cared about that killed by the main antagonist/s at the beginning of the movie that left them in vengeful grief(Andy Simpsons for Clovis and Danny for Mike Harrigan).


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