I'm Shigure, of the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers. Nice to meet you.
~ Shigure

Shigure (時雨 ”Late Rains”?) was the second of ten Shiratsuyu-class destroyers, and the first to be built for the Imperial Japanese Navy under the Circle One Program (Maru Ichi Keikaku). Along with the destroyer Yukikaze, she developed a reputation within the Imperial Japanese Navy for being "lucky" or "unsinkable", emerging as the sole surviving Japanese warship from numerous battles. Shigure was torpedoed and sunk by USS Blackfin (SS-322) in the Gulf of Siam on 25 January 1945.


Wears a black serafuku shared with the first four ship girls of her class.

One of the girls with a second remodeling. Here, her hair becomes feathered, she gains a hair decoration salvaged from one of the Fusou sisters' own and she wears the same uniform as Yuudachi before her.

Her Christmas portrait for her second remodel gives her a santa hat, Yuudachi's scarf and a sack. Her damage portrait reveals some of the contents of her sack: a Yuudachi-like creature and one of Yuudachi's torpedos.

She is often compared to a Guncannon due to placing her cannons on her back, over her shoulders; much to her chagrin.


  • Shigure was known as one of the lucky ships of the war, sometimes referred to "Shigure of Sasebo", in contrast with "Yukikaze of Kure". This leads her to have very high luck after her second remodeling, though this is slightly lower than that of Yukikaze, due to the fact that she sank a few months before the end of the war from a torpedo attack. *Alternatively, she holds the highest anti-air attribute among destroyers.
  • Another "miracle" ship, Nowaki (野分), is not available in the game as of yet.
  • As for her Kai-2 character design, the artist mentioned that her "ear-like flaps" were drawn from the image of the "faithful hound (忠犬)". Compare with Yuudachi.
  • Her hair ornament in her Kai-2 design looks strikingly similar to the ornaments on Fusou-Kai and Yamashiro-Kai's aviation decks, but her artist declined to make a proper declaration on this and said to 'leave it to your own imagination'.
  • Sometimes paired with Yamashiro as a couple because Yamashiro provided cover (and sunk as a result) for Shigure to escape the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
  • Sunk in action 24 January 1945 near Kota Bharu, Malaya (now Malaysia) (06°00′N 103°48′E).


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