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You won't escape!
~ Shiki.
Are you in pain? You are? Relax. It all will end soon...
~ Shiki's win quote.
What're you doing? You're dead already... Come on, you must be kidding.
~ Shiki in Samurai Shodown (2019).

Shiki is an anti-heroine from the Samurai Shodown series of fighting games, originally appearing in Samurai Shodown 64. She is a ninja assassin and one of the servants of Yuga.


Shiki is a woman who was Yuga's servant before she was born. When she is brainwashed by Yuga in adulthood, her identity and memory had broken. He engraved a magical snake tattoo on her back as a means of controlling her. Later on, Shiki was told to find a man who was becoming the perfect body for a resurrection of the Dark Lord. Since then, Shiki find Haohmaru to be the man, yet she can followed him to have the opportunity to take him to her master. After Haohmaru defeated Yuga, her soul was released.

In the year after, when Yuga was absence, but she can lost her memory of Yuga's servant and made a living from a normal woman named Kanae. When Yuga resurrected for the second time, it sent a new servant, Shadow Asura, to capture Shiki and regain her slavery. While Asura successfully restored the memories of Yuga's servants, but the two accidentally fell in love. After the two Asuras defeated Yuga, she gave birth to Mikoto.

However, Shiki leaves her child with Nicotine Caffeine and Haohmaru, because her enslavement of Yuga made her feel that she was not worthy of being a mother. It is unknown that what happened after this, but strongly suggested that she died somewhere.


Shiki is a sad woman in her heart, but she was never understood what it is like to be a normal woman. During her time with Yuga, Shiki would give her body and soul to her master's wishes. As Half-Shaded Shiki, she is more sarcastic and sensual than her original ego, yet she has no hope of salvation as well as she will always to be her master's loyal puppet.


  • Her eyes are naturally blue. The red eyes visually represent Yuga's level of control on Shiki.


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