Shiki Misaki is a central protagonist in The World Ends With You. She is Neku Sakuraba 's first partner in the Reapers' Game.


Shiki is, generally, upbeat and friendly. She's very trusting and can often serve as a voice of reason for Neku in the first week. Shiki loves designing fashion, and is talented in making plush dolls as well. Her love of fashion comes from her best friend, Eri.


Later in the week, Neku learns that Shiki holds a large jealousy for Eri's skills, and Eri in general. Shiki dislikes her own appearance, among other things, and said appearance was her entry fee in the Reapers' Game. The appearance she takes on in the UG, as well as in Another Day, is that of Eri.

At the end of the week, Neku helps Shiki accept herself on her own merits. The two of them see Eri on the street, lamenting Shiki's absence and recounting how influential Shiki was to her. With her newfound peace of mind, Shiki and Neku are able to take down the Game Master of the Week, and Shiki is announced to have won the game. Neku, choosing to participate another week, is assigned Shiki as his entry fee, as she has become the thing most dear to him.

At the end of the Third Week, Shiki reappears before the final battle. After a battle against the Conductor and a mind controlled Shiki, the latter helps out in one more battle against the Conductor. After the week ends, Shiki and Neku both return to the UG, along with Beat and Rhyme.

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