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Shimmer Joy Aljunni is one of the two main titular protagonists (alongside her sister Shine) in Shimmer and Shine. She is an kind-hearted genie who has an cheerful demeanor. Her favorite hobby is to clean her surroundings. Shimmer also has a pet monkey whom she names Tala. She is also Shine’s younger twin sister.

She was voiced formerly by Eva Bella in Season 1-4 and currently by Laura Aikman in season 5.


Shimmer is a female genie who is also short. She has pink hair that wrapped into a ponytail with her purple hair bracelet. She wears purple clothing with jewelry wrapped around her body. She has white beads that go around the bottom portion of her hair and a green tear drop-shaped jewel connected to them that sits on Shimmer’s forehead.


Shimmer has an enormous heart. She is a sweet and a nice girl who is always looking for ways to bring the fun. She is bright, cheerful, giggly and an extremely optimistic dreamer who is always having the time of her life. Shimmer loves nothing more than doing what she is doing at any moment. She thinks her sister Shine has the best ideas and wherever she goes, her pet Gibbon monkey Tala, is always by her side.



  • Shimmer's voice actress, Chelsea Zoey Boyce, also provides the voice of young Anna on Frozen.
  • Shimmer (along with Shine) is never shown returning to the human world after "Welcome to Zahramay Falls".
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She loves glitter.
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