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Shimura Shinpachi

Shimura Shinpachi is one of the heroes and protagonists of the anime and manga Gintama. He is a samurai-in-training who has become the friend and "disciple" of the series' main protagonist Sakata Gintoki whom he follows in hopes of becoming strong enough to restore his family's dojo, as such he now works for Gin's odd-jobs business, the Yorozuya alongside Gin's other friend Kagura. He is a rather nerdy and plain individual and usually the only one around with any common sense, however he will often loose his own composure when exposed to anything related to his favorite pop-star idol Otsu and once fell in love with a video game character.

Personality and Traits

Although he commonly criticizes Gintoki's lazy behavior, Shinpachi comes to regard him as a very important person to him in the same fashion as Kagura. Despite his meek, scholarly appearance, Shinpachi is a more than competent swordsman. He serves as the captain of the "Otsu's Imperial Guard," a fan club devoted to the famous idol singer Otsu and takes his role seriously.

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