Shimy is one of the 6 main characters in the comic series The Legendaries with DanaëlGryfenferJadinaRazzia and later Ténébris. She was the member of the vigilante group The Legendaries.

Powers and abilities

As an Elementary Elf, Shimy is able to control the natural elements at his will and merge with them. At the beginning of history, she is only able to control and merge with land and water, and is not able to maintain an excessively high level of elementary fusion.

After the ellipse, she becomes much more powerful and gifted with her powers, having acquired control of air and fire from now on. She shows both an elemental force (throwing rocks at Anathos and absorbing and then reproducing a flame attack) and a subtle control (absorbing air from a person's lungs to make them faint, and even taking on the appearance of another person).

After the ellipse, Shimy gets broochs to see the auras of people to replace the sight she lost during her fight against Anathos.

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